This Mattifying Moisturizer Will Keep You From Looking Greasy This Summer (& It’s Under $40)

Give your skin some (shine-free) TLC.

Vinopure Matifying Fluid 40ml from Caudalie

As someone with combination skin (a mix between oily and dry), finding the perfect moisturizer is easier said than done. If it’s not hydrating enough, then my skin can become flaky and irritated. However, if the formula is too heavy or packed with comedogenic oils, then my complexion is left looking greasy. This is an issue that’s often even worse in the summer, when the heat and humidity can already leave your skin shinier than normal and your foundation fading fast. That’s where my holy grail mattifying moisturizer comes in to save the day — and my complexion.

Using mattifying products can be a hit or miss if the formula isn’t just so. Fortunately, as a beauty writer, I’ve swatched and tested until I discovered Caudalie’s Vinopure Mattifying Fluid. Perfect for combination and oily complexions as well as those sweaty summer months, it provides skin with the long-term hydration it needs while keeping you blessedly shine-free, thanks to some pretty ingenious ingredients.

Included in the formula are natural silica powders, which work to keep skin matte throughout the day — a unique feature when it comes to most moisturizers.

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Additionally, salicylic acid improves the overall look of your complexion by protecting the dermis from bacteria, unclogging pores, and reducing the appearance of blackheads. And since the ingredient is a BHA, it also serves as a gentle chemical exfoliant that’ll wipe away dead skin cells, creating a smoother surface for makeup application. (Since I’ve started using this moisturizer, I’ve noticed my skin has less texture to it.)

Of course, this mattifying moisturizer still does its namesake job by hydrating skin with organic rose water and non-comedogenic and essential oils, leaving my complexion looking like it's been treated to an IRL filter.

Normally, I layer the Caudalie Vinopure Mattifying Fluid underneath my makeup in the morning, and I don’t have to worry about it causing my foundation to fade or looking greasy throughout the day — a downright miracle in my book.

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