e.l.f.’s Buzzy New Gripping Primer Has Serious Holy Grail Potential

No budging.

Courtesy of e.l.f.

When it comes to makeup primers, e.l.f. clearly knows what’s up. The cosmetics brand is known for its affordable yet high-quality beauty offerings, but primers have remained its strong suit. You may be familiar with viral e.l.f. products like the Poreless Putty Primer and the Mint Melt Cooling Face Primer, which have become popular among beauty enthusiasts on TikTok and other social media platforms. The newest e.l.f. primer, however, is perhaps the brand’s most impressive yet. The Power Grip Primer, which arrived at the end of 2021, promises all-day makeup wear due to its tacky gel consistency — plus, hydrating ingredients to keep your skin happy.

The debate on whether primer is even necessary; some say it’s essential to helping makeup look its best, while others believe that as long as you prep with the right skin care products, primer isn’t needed. Still, there seems to be a general consensus that gripping primers are effective at helping makeup last longer. This is largely due to their usual gel consistency, which gives your foundation something to grip onto. The e.l.f. Power Grip is no different; its gel texture adheres to makeup so it won’t budge. TikTok user @CoconutCathy recently put the primer to the test, comparing it to another popular gripping primer, the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip. She commented on how much thicker in consistency the e.l.f. primer is, and how much stickier it felt on her skin. In the end, she dubs Power Grip “new favorite primer” and rates it an “11 out of 10” — all in all, a pretty convincing review.

Given that the only ingredient e.l.f. highlights is hyaluronic acid for added hydration, it seems like Power Grip’s gripping abilities lie in its thick, sticky consistency. Milk Makeup’s Hyrdo Grip Primer, on the other hand, contains blue agave extract, which the brand’s website says “helps form an invisible layer to lock in makeup.”

Since it creates a sticky base for your foundation to stick to, gripping primers generally work best when applying a full face of full-coverage makeup. They can work for a variety of skin types depending on the ingredients, but because they tend to be a gel formula rather than a hydrating cream, gripping primers are best suited for oily skin types.

If you’re even a little curious about Power Grip, it’s worth trying it out — the buzzy primer is just $10 and is currently available online and in a slew of drugstores.

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