The Lazy Girl Haircut That’s About To Be Everywhere This Fall

New season, new cut.

by Natasha Marsh
Woman with wavy haircut

As the warmer months slowly wind down, many people are looking to update their summer haircuts with a fresh new look for fall. Derrick Keith, Hairstory stylist and celebrity hairstylist, predicts people will be in the salon more than ever compared to the rest of 2021. “We were sequestered for so long and many of my clients just threw their hands up and said, ‘That’s it, I’m growing it out,’ and that was that,” he says, “But now that we are out in the world again, people want actual hair cuts.”

So what hairstyles and cuts do the experts predict everyone will want in just a few short weeks? Keith has been asked to do shaggy invisible layers, short choppy bobs, curtain bangs, and there’s an overall emphasis on low-maintenance haircuts. “Styles to avoid are anything that needs to be blow-dried to look nice,” Keith continues, when asked how current attitudes will play into hair routines. Alicia Bailey, hair expert, stylist, and global education manager at Design Essentials echoes this thought, noting “clients’ desire to minimize maintenance yet look presentable for their Zoom and team meetings.”

With so many haircuts and shapes to choose from, fall 2021 is set to be an explorative party. Ahead, discover the seven top haircut trends that celebrity hair stylists guarantee will be everywhere soon. Whether you like to wear your hair long or short, straight or natural, there is a haircut trend for you.

Invisible Layers

“You can still have a great haircut that is still considered low maintenance because if done well, the cut has the ability to grow out in super nice shapes in all stages,” Keith shares. Creating invisible layers on a great air-dried haircut will provide movement and body, allowing hair to live its best life without being weighed down. Think of it as the ideal cut if you prefer to be minimal (read: slightly lazy) about maintaining your hair.

The Pixie

If you want to hold onto summer longer, Keka Hernon, an Atlanta-based hairstylist, suggests a pixie to transition into the fall. “The variations of the pixie are limitless,” says Bailey, “Some are worn with closely tapered sides and fullness on top worn away from the face. While others have a heavy bang with a short, piecey crown, sides, and nape area. Whichever you prefer, spice it up with some fun fall colors like deep rose, peach, caramel blonds, spicy copper, fiery red, or rich chocolates.”

The Trendy Shag

Both Bailey and Tippi Shorter, Mizani’s global artistic director, see the shag continuing to make a comeback. The modern take on this ’70s throwback is adding waves and loose curls to the look. Bailey also suggests pairing the trendy shag with blunt bangs or geometrical designs.

Big Chop

Jamila Powell, founder of Naturally Drenched and Maggie Rose Salon, has seen a lot of clients request the big chop. “As we start to ‘reenter’ into our normal lives, I think a lot of people are ready to make a big change. People are excited to be bolder and have more fun with their looks. One easy way to do this is a dramatic chop,” Powell says. “[The style features] a cropped look that frames your face and is super low-maintenance. It’s perfect for anyone who is looking to get rid of the damage from summer activities and let their curls grow in naturally without much maintenance.”

’80s Revival

“The ’80’s are back with a vengeance,” says Keith. “We are seeing a lot of mullets, shags, and bright kaleidoscope colors.” According to Powell, the curly shag is perfect for anyone looking to maintain length but still make a change. When deciding on this hairstyle, “take your lifestyle into account,” Powell says. “This look can make wearing high ponytails or buns difficult and is definitely not for someone who doesn’t like to have their hair in their face.”

Bangs On Bangs On Bangs

“Bangs are an easy way to edge up your style,” says Heron. “With bangs you can go from layered, textured, or very sharp blunt bangs.” Of course, curtain bangs show no signs of slowing down, and is a great way to ease into the trendy style (and it can grow out seamlessly without much maintenance).