Beauty Editors Agree — This Is The Best Brow Product Of All Time

Eyebrows that could stop traffic.

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Hannah Baxter
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Despite the ebb and flow of brow trends over the years, the fact remains that a well-groomed eyebrow is an essential piece of any beauty look. Finding the brow shape that works the best for you and your features is one thing — discovering the best brow products to accomplish that look each morning is a whole other battle. Luckily, the editors at TZR are eager and willing to test just about every single makeup product under the sun that’s designed to fill, fluff, and define the brows.

For the wake up and go gal, there’s the trusty tinted brow gel. For those who are willing to spend a few minutes tending to each eyebrow, an ultra-defined pencil can create natural-looking hairs that will convince everyone you were born with beyond luscious brows. And if you’re really willing to get up close and personal with your brows, a brow pen can create long-lasting super precise strokes for a big night out.

So, if you’re searching for a new routine that will revamp your brows for the upcoming season, allow team TZR to share their recommendations for the best brow products of all time.

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Hannah Baxter

“Once I managed to regrow my brows from an unfortunate episode when I was 12 (I essentially shaved them off into little parentheses — not good), I’ve learned the value of a stellar lineup of brow products. Besides getting an occasional brow tint and professional shaping, a brow growth serum is essential, which I use at night, and then a blendable brow pencil and a clear brow gel during the day leaves my eyebrows looking full and defined, without allowing any rogue hairs to fall out of place by evening.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor, TZR

Annie Blay

“Having thin brows means that brow products are rarely skipped during my makeup routine. Even if I’m not wearing a lick of makeup I’ll always pull out at least a brow gel to make sure my tiny brow hairs don’t look unruly. Though I’ve always wished for thick, fluffy brows, the recent resurgence of the ‘90s thin brow trend makes me feel good about being in the slim brow squad. I get them threaded about once a month just to shape them up, but a brow gel and brow pencil with a spoolie are always within reach to keep my brows looking sharp and clean.” — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor, TZR

Faith Xue

“My naturally brow-less state isn’t the result of over-plucking, but rather genetics. I simply have not ever had brows — which is why the emotional reliance I have on my brow products borders on unhealthy. My current brows are microbladed (shoutout to my brow guru Piret Ava, aka the @eyebrowdoctor on Instagram — she’s a genius!) but since my last appointment was awhile ago, I still need to fill in sparse areas to get the full brow look of my dreams. Another note about my brows: they’re stiff and stubborn, and will only point in the direction they choose. No amount of pomade or gel will groom them up (trust me, I’ve tried) for that popular laminated look, so sadly, I have to choose products that work with my brows, rather than against them. If you have sparse, stiff brows like me, you need these products in your life.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director, BDG

Amanda Ross

“I spent my preteens and teens — starting with my first wax in fifth grade — trying to eliminate every possible brow hair my mother would let me, and then nearly my entire 20s trying to get them back. My original brow (and that’s brow, singular) was thick, inky, coarse, and awesome — these days, they’re still pretty dense, but much skinnier and even lighter than in my youth. Fortunately, brow makeup has come a long way since then. For the most part, I love a natural-looking brow with just enough color and fluff to work with the hairs I have left — fiber-building pomade formulas that act more like brow mascara are my go-to's. But for nights out, nothing compares to a laser-precise pencil and a stronghold gel that keeps them locked in place long after last call.” —Amanda Ross, beauty news writer, TZR


“My brow journey has been a rollercoaster, riding through the consequences of over-tweezing in my teens to the age-induced sparsity that came naturally in my 30s. I struggled for years to find the right products to make my uneven, patchy brows look full and natural, and never could quite get it right. Finally, I got them microbladed and feel like that helped simplify my brow routine substantially. That said, there are a few items that I keep on hand to brush up and shape my arches and fill them in a bit. Luckily, the entire process, from soup to nuts, takes all of two minutes. Victory at long last!” — Angela Melero, executive editor, TZR

Kathy Lee

“During my second pregnancy, somehow by the miracle of the eyebrow gods, my brows grew back to a close resemblance of my pre-pubescent years — thick and full with the natural gradation from dark and slightly bushy to soft and subtle at the ends. But before that happened, I’ve tried numerous amount of products to draw in, tame, and create the illusion of thick, full brows. From eyebrow powders to pomade, nothing beats, in my book, a classic eyebrow pencil that stays on the entire day and mimicks the strokes of my hair and a proper gel to tame and slightly tint my natural color for an everyday, bold effect.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief, TZR

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starr
BrowKiki Nourishing Tinted Brow Gel - Taupe
I discovered this eyebrow gel during the testing stages of TZR’s Beauty Awards: The High/Low. I was so impressed by how many little hairs the gel picked up and tamed, I didn’t realize how thick my eyebrows could be. For the first time, I felt comfortable not using a pencil to fill in the usually sparse areas of my brows.

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