The Zoe Report


November 2021

The 2021 TZR Beauty Awards: The High/Low

An industry expert edit of the best new beauty products at both an affordable & luxury price point

Good quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive in the beauty industry, this we know, but that doesn’t mean treating yourself to a prestige brand is overindulgent, either. Maybe you want to splurge on a face serum but save on your lipstick — truthfully, there’s no wrong way to design your beauty routine. That’s why our team of 45 staffers and 16 industry expert judges have put the buzziest new launches to the test, at both a luxury and affordable price point. Each category will have two winners — one under $20 and one over $20 — to give you plenty of shopping options to explore. Now, after testing over 2,500 launches, we are able to present, for the very first time, the 2021 TZR Beauty Awards: The High/Low, a guide to the best new skin, hair, makeup, and body care products that can fit any beauty budget.

Hannah Baxter, Deputy Beauty Editor

The 24 Best New Hair Care Products Of 2021

The High/Low: from shampoo & conditioner to curl creams & scalp treatments, both over & under $20.

by TZR Editors

Top Image Credits: On Janice (left): Calle Del Mar tops. On Davina (right): Live The Process bodysuit (purple), Dodo Bar Or bodysuit (yellow), Wempe earrings.

Models: Davina Bennett & Janice Virrueta

Photographer: Sacha Maric

Hair: William Scott Blair

Makeup: Ayami Nishimura

Stylist: EJ Briones

Art Director: Shanelle Infante

Bookings: Ariel Bielsky

Executive Beauty Director: Faith Xue

VP Fashion: Tiffany Reid