Kickstart Your Fall Beauty Routine With September’s Coolest New Products

That back-to-school feeling.

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Rose Inc model wearing Softlight foundation
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Anyone else suddenly flooded with the urge to overhaul and transform your entire life? For many (raises hand), it’s September 1 rather than New Year’s Day that truly marks a time for significant change. No matter how many years go by post-grad, it’s hard to shake that back-to-school feeling that creeps in as the temperatures slowly drop. Frankly, you might as well take that studious energy and apply it to fall’s biggest hair colors, styles, and makeup trends because they’re better than ever this year — and September 2023’s best beauty launches are the easiest way to bring them all to life.

It’s like every notable brand around was taking notes on what the people really wanted all year long, waiting for September’s arrival to make them a reality. A sensitive skin-friendly way to brighten up the complexion and smooth out lines? Check, Sulwhasoo’s got that one covered. A honey-powered hair serum engineered to disguise breakage and add in shine? Check, that’s handled by Gisou. And as for those saving-this-immediately TikToks dedicated to the coolest, most creative eyeshadow styles? Thank Ms. Fenty for that — Rihanna’s latest launch has it handled.

Ahead, the very best new beauty products of September.

September 2023 Skin Launches

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September 2023 Makeup Launches

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September 2023 Hair Launches

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September 2023 Body Launches

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