October’s Best Beauty Products Are Here To Fully Refresh Your Fall Routine

New essentials just dropped.

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There’s no hedging, no technicalities here — October means one thing: pure, unadulterated fall. You don’t have to justify Halloween decorations, cozy sweaters, or any assorted seasonal latte. It’s officially the height of the season, which means all things fall beauty are in full-swing, too, with so many of the season’s top launches all coming out right now. The best beauty products of October 2023 aim to get you holiday-fun ready with radiance-boosting creams, high-glam makeup, and everything your hair needs to execute all those trendy styles you’re seeing on the FYP page. Autumn is consistently excellent, but these new picks manage to improve on perfection.

There’s just a few days left in the month and it’s been a veritable smorgasbord of newness: a red carpet-approved face mask formulated by esthetician to the stars Shani Darden, a virtually hurricane-proof lipstick available in every trending shade, and an entire line of just-launched hair products created with pure Moroccan ingredients. If your social medias have been inundated with tutorials for hot-button trends like “cherry wine lips” and “hush cuts”, consider this your starting point for mastering them all.

Ahead, the very best new beauty products of October across skin, makeup, hair, and body care.

October 2023 Skin Care Launches

Best New Sheet Mask

Best New Night Treatment

Best New Eye Creams

Best New Cleanser

Best New Lash Serum

Best New Acne Treatments

Best New Lip Balm

Best New Masks

Best New Moisturizer

October 2023 Makeup Launches

Best New Mascaras

Best New Eyeshadow

Best New Skin Tint

Best New Powder

Best New Highlighter

Best New Lipgloss

Best New Brow Pencil

Best New Lipstick

October 2023 Hair Launches

Best New Smoothing Product

Emi Jay
Angelstick Hair Smoothing Balm
Celebrity-favorite hair accessory brand Emi Jay knows a thing or two about the perfect slicked-back style. Now, all that knowledge is distilled down into one easy-to-use twist-up stick that makes those Sofia Richie-inspired ponytails and buns a breeze. Run it through hair like a deodorant and watch how it smooths flyaways and frizz for a Photoshopped effect. | Pros: Convenient packaging; TSA-safe solid formula | Notable Ingredients: Castor seed oil; murumuru butter; vitamin E; sunflower seed oil wax |

Best New Deep Conditioner

Best New Hairspray

Best New Styling Spray

Best New Scalp Oil

Best New Shampoo

Best New Detangler

Best New Hair Exfoliant

Best New Hair Serum

October 2023 Body Launches

Best New Fragrance

Best New Body Tool

Best New Body Wash

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