These New Beauty Products Are Starting Off Spring In Style

Here comes the sun.

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Lancome clarifying essence
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There is absolutely nothing more invigorating or straight-up life affirming than that first warm day of the year. Every 65-degree afternoon and outdoor dinner feels like a therapy session unto itself, with extra hours of sunlight and the promise of a fun-filled summer just around the corner. Though spring doesn’t technically start until the month is nearly through, the best beauty products of March 2024 can help you get ahead of all those hair and makeup trends crowding your assorted social media feeds.

So far, all the top looks this season seem to be focused on an “enhanced natural” feel, with top makeup and nail colors taken from nature and in-demand hairstyles inspired by your own born-with-it texture and color. Accordingly, March’s most anticipated launches are all about playing into what makes you unique. There are pillowy skin creams designed to give a soft, supple finish, rosy pink eyeshadows to match the blossoming flowers on every corner, and tinted sunscreens that make spending the day outdoors a stress-free endeavor. That fresh, revitalized energy is in the air, and it directly translates into these launches.

Ahead, get familiar with the very best just-released hair, skin, and makeup products of March 2024.

March 2024 Skin Care Launches

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March 2024 Makeup Launches

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March 2024 Hair Care Launches

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March 2024 Body Care Launches

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