It’s Time To Dive Right In To The Best New Beauty Products Of June 2024

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Finally, the moment everyone’s been waiting for. There’s no more hedging, no more qualifiers, no more “almosts” — summer is officially here, in full-swing, and it’s shaping up to be a seriously hot one. Maybe your month is already stuffed with scheduled trips to the shore, an international getaway, or just some hard-earned relaxation time, but no matter what your summer plans hold, your hair, makeup, and skin routines should be adjusted accordingly. Fortunately, the best new beauty products of June 2024 are all about pure fun and innovation. Most just-launched goodies are a true joy to use, depositing highly-pigmented color through the face and hair or adding major moisture to the skin. But this month, even the most science-focused workhorses yield such major results that they make daily application something to seriously look forward to.

So far, it looks like no beach bag will be complete without Bloomeffect’s new twist-up SPF — it looks like a glowy highlighter on the skin — or Lady Gaga’s new Haus Labs blush, available in a handful of summery shades. Back at home, take your hair in a new direction with L’Oréal’s groundbreaking new color-depositing tool, then lock in some hydration with Philip B.’s gentle yet nourishing new conditioner. If these products are any indication, this summer will truly be one to remember.

Ahead, get ready to explore the very best hair, skin, and makeup launches of June 2024.

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