Stop Making These At-Home Hair Removal Mistakes


For as long as we’ve been shaving, waxing and tweezing to remove all our unwanted hair, you’d think we had it down by now. But, somehow, we still manage to end up with cuts, razor burn, bumps and redness, right? We’ve had enough of the headache surrounding such a regular (and essential) part of our beauty routine. So, we’ve rounded up the common hair-removal mistakes we all make and tips on how to make things right (and practically pain-free).


Hair Begone

Mistake #1 Not Prepping

Moisturizing and exfoliating are the two steps you need to take pre-hair removal to prevent painful bumps and ingrown hairs. Before you lather up, rub a few drops of pre-shave oil to help your razor glide over the skin and minimize burns and cuts.

Mistake #2 Shaving With A Dull Blade

It's common to find yourself shaving with a dull blade, which can results in not getting that silky-smooth shave you crave. The rule of thumb amongst experts is that a razor blade needs to be changed after every four uses to prevent irritation. Opt for a service like Dollar Shave Club that sends out high-quality, stainless steel blades that are guaranteed to give you that touch-worthy smoothness.

Mistake #3 Waxing Or Shaving In The AM

While hair removal in the AM may seem like the smartest move to ensure smooth results, it actually does the opposite. Handcrafted grooming experts at Maapilim shares that the "skin naturally swells during the night, hiding part of the follicle, so a shave or wax at night guarantees a closer finish." Prolong results by using Maapilim Shaving Cream, which contains rosemary oil to lock in moisture and coriander oil to nourish the follicles and brighten the treated areas.

Mistake #4 Waxing Retinol-Treated Areas

Using retinols religiously has become second-nature to us, but we have to remind ourselves to stop a week before we wax. Retinols make the skin more sensitive, and wax can end up taking off layers of skin as well as hair. We trust the chamomile-based Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit from Bliss to safely remove our fuzz in a gentle, non-irritating way. It’s a low-temp wax and doesn’t require you to use rip-off strips.

Mistake #5 Improper Waxing Techniques

Even if you think waxing at home isn’t as powerful as a spa session, you still need to wait four weeks in between waxes and check that the hair is at least a quarter inch long before doing a touch-up. And, to avoid painful bruising, rip the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth and opt for a hair minimizer like Luna Smooth Hair Growth Inhibitor Serum to give you long-lasting silky results.