Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These Clever Things That Make You Look Better With Almost No Effort

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by Carleigh Ferrante

I still remember the first time I used an ice roller on my puffy, just-rolled-out-of-bed face. My immediate thought? How did I not know about this sooner. Sure, major purchases can make a difference when it comes to our wellness, beauty, and fashion routines, but there’s nothing better than discovering something quick and easy that really makes an impact. Turns out, I’m not alone in this feeling. That’s why Amazon keeps selling out of these clever things that make you look better with almost no effort. And yes, my favorite facial ice roller is one of them.

Not only will these no-fuss products make you look so much more put-together, they’ll also save you so much time — because, as we all know, looking and feeling our best can sometimes seem like a full-time job. With just a few clicks on Amazon, you can stock your cabinets with must-have products like an easy-to-use cuticle oil pen that will transform your nails, genius hacks that make your clothes fit better, a chic jade roller and gua sha set for less than $10, and a castor oil wand that can give you longer, fuller lashes and brows with a simple swipe. This list even includes products that work their magic while you sleep, like a silk pillowcase that our editors swear by for clearer, brighter skin and tangle-free hair. How’s that for low effort?

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A Popular Foot Peeling Mask With Shockingly Good Results

Wear these foot mask booties for just an hour and your skin will shed all its dead layers, revealing softer, smoother skin in just a few days. That might sound kind of off-putting, but the results — and the 31,000+ five-star ratings — speak for themselves. You can purchase a pack of two, three, four, or eight, and choose from 11 different scents like rose, lavender, jasmine, or lemon. These cult-favorite foot masks sell out so quickly, so be sure to add a pack (or two) to your cart before they’re gone.


A One-Step Blow-Dry Brush With Over 333,000 5-Star Ratings On Amazon

This is not a drill: This REVLON One-Step Volumizer brush has earned over 333,000 perfect, five-star ratings on Amazon. Reviewers are shocked by how quickly it works and how sleek, polished, and volumized their hair looks after using it, no matter their hair type or skill set. Try it even on the curliest, thickest hair, and see for yourself how much of a game changer (and time saver) it can be.


This Genius Root Touch-Up Kit That Will Save You So Much Time & Money

Have you ever seen anything more genius than this instant root touch-up kit? The easy-to-use powder helps you touch up your roots with virtually no effort whatsoever, and since it’s water-resistant, it’ll stand up to sweat. It comes equipped with a dual-tip precision brush for accurate application, and it looks completely natural on your hair. The kit is available in black, brown, auburn, light brown, and light blonde, and it costs less than $20. The best part? It will save you a lot of money at the salon by allowing you to stretch out your time between appointments.

  • Available shades: 5


These 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks That Cheat A Full Night’s Sleep

There are a lot of under eye masks out there, but these eye masks are an Amazon best-seller for a reason: They’re made with a power-packed combination of 24 karat gold, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and collagen, and they reap almost-instant results — in just a few minutes, you’ll be looking as fresh as you would after a full eight hours of sleep, with brighter, smoother under eyes and no signs of puffiness.


This Time-Tested Rosewater Mist That’s Been Selling Out For Over 50 Years

Heritage Store has been selling out of this rosewater facial mist for over 50 years and counting. There are only two ingredients in this spray — rose oil and purified water — but they work incredibly hard. There’s no wrong way to use this stuff, whether you spritz it on your face as a hydrating toner, to prep your skin for makeup, or simply any time you feel your skin could use a refresh.


This Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse With A Cult Following

This ACV hair rinse will give your hair that squeaky clean, fresh-from-the-salon feel, without stripping it of its natural oils. The key ingredient, apple cider vinegar, helps to mitigate dryness and irritation in your scalp, while supporting ingredients like argan oil and aloe vera add extra hydration. Apple cider vinegar can also help maintain your scalp’s natural pH level, giving your hair a healthier, shinier appearance. To use, just squeeze it into your wet scalp, wait one to three minutes, then rinse it out. And don’t worry — this thoughtfully formulated product doesn’t smell like salad dressing.


A Silk Pillowcase That Coddles Your Skin & Hair While You Sleep

Not only do silk pillowcases like this one receive five-star ratings from thousands of shoppers on Amazon, but they’re also an editor-approved way to support skin and hair health while you sleep. As The Zoe Report editor Rebecca Iloulian raved, “My skin is more moisturized, calmer, and less red,” and went on to report that “it’s been the biggest, unexpected blessing” for her hair, leaving it much softer and less tangled. Another benefit? It makes your bed look incredibly chic. This one is made of pure, 25-momme Mulberry silk, and it comes in 28 luxurious shades to suit any design aesthetic.


A Travel-Ready Gel Tint For Long-Lasting Lip Color

You’ll love this clever, travel-friendly lip stain that connects directly to your keychain, luggage, purse, or belt. Choose from 10 different shades, all of which will step up your look with just a quick and simple swipe. Amazon shoppers are already requesting more shades, and report the color lasts all day and night — so the bottle might be small, but a little bit will go a long way. Pro tip: You can use it as blush, too.

  • Available shades: 10


An Electric Fabric Shaver That Instantly Makes Your Clothes Look So Much Better

It’s not often you find a product on Amazon with over 72,000 perfect ratings. Reviewers report this Conair fabric shaver is the “best purchase ever,” “the most fantastic Amazon purchase of my life,” “exactly what I was hoping for,” and a “must-have at home.” It has adjustable settings that make it safe to use even on your most delicate sweaters, and it’s incredibly effective in removing pilling, lint, and fuzz. One quick use will make your clothes look infinitely better. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so much fun to use.


This Cult-Favorite Peel-Off Mask That’ll Leave Your Skin Diamond-Bright

This Disco Kitten peel-off face mask from popular K-beauty brand I Dew Care is a cult favorite, with over 2,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. The foil-like mask is infused with diamond powder (seriously), white water lily extract, and turnip leaf extract, which all work to brighten and soothe your skin — and it’s just so fun to apply and peel off. One reviewer reported they had “diamond-bright skin in 20 minutes,” and that it “smells amazing [and] looks cool.”


This Nourishing Top Coat That Will Keep Your Lipstick Intact All Day

Just like your favorite nail polish top coat, you can smooth this Covergirl lip top coat over any lip color to help it last all day long. Since the formula is so nourishing, though, you can also use it on its own as a lip balm. Oh, and it currently costs less than $5 and has nearly 15,000 perfect ratings on Amazon. What’s not to love?


A Facial Ice Roller That Will Swipe Away Any Early-Morning Puffiness

This ice roller might just be the best $17 you spend on Amazon. Simply store it in your freezer and use it in the mornings to quickly massage away any puffiness. It can also help calm your skin, improve lymphatic circulation, and some reviewers even write that it helps temporarily alleviate headaches and neck pain. It also feels incredible after a day in sun, both on your face and your body.


A Toning & Hydrating Purple Hair Mask That Makes Blonde Hair Icy-Bright

Purple hair products are a must for blondes (or people with blonde highlights) who want to keep brassy tones at bay. This purple hair mask continuously sells out on Amazon because people are obsessed with how well it works. One reviewer wrote that it “works better than any purple product” they’ve tried, and another called it a “lifesaver.” Plus, it doubles as a deep conditioner, thanks to the addition of softening coconut and marula oils. There are over 29,000 five-star ratings to back it up, and the reviews go on for way longer than it will take you to experience the results for yourself.


A Reusable Cloth That Removes All Your Makeup With Just Water

Just one of these MakeUp Erasers is equivalent to 3,600 disposable makeup removing wipes, according to the brand — so not only does it remove even the most stubborn makeup using just water, but it dramatically reduces waste, too. Simply add warm water, run the cloth across your face, and watch your makeup come off seamlessly. Plus, these cloths are machine washable and will last three to five years. Talk about an affordable beauty hack you can feel good about on multiple levels.


A Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen Spray One Reviewer Calls “The Holy Grail For Summer”

This mineral sunscreen spray from HydroPeptide works overtime by replenishing your skin’s hydration, due to hydrating aloe and hyaluronic acid in the formula, while an SPF of 30 protects it against UVA and UVB rays. One Amazon reviewer dubbed this “the holy grail for summer,” and others called it a “gamechanger” with “a beautiful tint” that “doesn’t make the skin look oily.”


A Pure Himalayan Salt Scrub That Makes Exfoliating Easy

Often overlooked, exfoliation is one of the quickest, easiest things you can do to make your skin look and feel even better. This pure Himalayan salt body scrub is coarse without being too harsh for sensitive skin, and over 13,000 Amazon shoppers gave it a five-star rating. Just a warning, though: Reviewers report you’ll be obsessed once you feel how soft and nourished this scrub leaves your skin. Lucky for you, a two-pack costs way less than high-end products, lasts you forever, and is just as effective — so add it to your cart before it sells out.


These Silk Hair Scrunchies That Won’t Dent Your Hair — & Look So Chic

While you’re upgrading your pillowcase, you might as well go the extra mile and upgrade your scrunchies, too. These silk scrunchies are more than just a fashion statement — by reducing friction and pulling, the silk material prevents breakage, mitigates hair loss, and won’t leave pesky dents in your hair. You can choose from packs of two large scrunchies or three small, and 34 different color combinations.


A 12-Pack Of Laser-Cut Panties That Eliminates VPL, Even Under The Thinnest Leggings

Eliminate unwanted panty lines with these laser-cut bikinis, made from a super-soft, stretchy fabric that molds to your body perfectly — and since they’re totally seamless, they disappear under even the thinnest or tightest materials. The material is breathable, lightweight, and won’t slip or ride up throughout the day, so they’re particularly great for wearing under your leggings or bike shorts to the gym.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 4


The Quick-Dry Drops That Shoppers Say Is The Key To A Perfect Manicure

Amazon reviewers call these cult-favorite top coat drops “a miracle in a bottle” thanks to its ability to cut drying time significantly. Simply apply a few drops onto polished nails and they’ll be dry to the touch in one minute, and completely dry in five, so you won’t have to worry about messing up your perfect mani. It’s in stock on Amazon right now, so don’t hesitate to add it to your cart before it inevitably sells out again.


A Bottle Of Olaplex’s Best-Selling Bonding Oil For Softer, Stronger Hair

Olaplex products have developed a serious cult following over the years, and this No.7 bonding oil is a customer favorite for a reason. Formulated to strengthen and repair all hair types at a molecular level, this multipurpose oil is especially great for those who use heat tools regularly, since it also protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. After just one use, your hair will appear shinier and feel softer, all without weighing it down or leaving behind a greasy residue.


A Genius Spray That Instantly Releases Wrinkles From Your Clothes

No iron? No problem. One quick spritz of this wrinkle release spray instantly eliminates wrinkles from your clothes. Plus, Amazon reviewers report it smells like fresh laundry, so you can even use it for a quick refresh when you’re on the go.


A Makeup Setting Spray That Eliminates The Need For Touch-Ups

When Urban Decay says their All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is long-lasting, they’re not messing around. According to one Amazon shopper, “your makeup WILL NOT BUDGE!” As another reviewer promises, “you could literally do a full face before sitting in a sauna for two hours and your makeup would not move.” Keep this travel sized version of the cult-favorite spray in your bag and you’ll look fresh all day, no touch-ups necessary.


The Cuticle Oil Pen That Makes It So Easy To Nourish Your Nails

According to nail experts, using cuticle oil is at the top of the list for cuticle care 101 — and you should be using it daily. This cuticle oil pen, complete with a built-in nail brush, makes daily application as easy and fuss-free as can be. One reviewer marveled that after just three weeks, “I can genuinely say that my cuticles are in the best shape they have been in many, many years.” Take your pick from three fragrances — Vanilla, Crisp, or unscented — all made with a simple but effective combination of jojoba wax ester, plant-based oils, and vitamins.


A Heat Protectant Spray Blondes Swear By For Its Hair-Toning Benefits

Another standout hair product that taps into the power of purple pigments, this heat protectant spray was made specifically for blondes who want to minimize brassy tones. This two-in-one spray gradually tones your hair while also protecting it from heat-styling damage, though you can even use it to refresh your hair between washes, or to tame fly-aways and reduce static. TL;DR: This spray does it all, hence why it sells out so quickly.


These Clever Straps That Keep Your Jeans From Bunching Up Under Your Boots

You know that feeling when your jeans bunch up around your boots? Yeah, it’s the worst. Prepare to be amazed by these genius boot straps that keep your jeans in place under boots of any height. Simply clip them to the bottoms of your jeans, wrap them around your feet, and slip on your boots. There won’t be a crease or wrinkle in sight, and you will feel so much more comfortable. You won’t believe how a simple thing can make a huge impact on how good you look.


These Individual Hair Serum Capsules That Pack A Big, Vitamin-Rich Punch

For a tiny capsule, this hair serum packs a big punch. Each one is filled with a vitamin-rich cocktail of argan oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, and provitamin B5 to promote shinier, softer, and stronger hair. When you don’t want to lug all your hair products with you on a vacation, just pack a few of these. When you’re ready to use one, simply squeeze out the serum and distribute it evenly from your roots to the ends of your hair. No need to wash it out, either — just style as usual, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of a salon.


A Genius, Hassle-Free Solution For Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

If there’s one thing most of us slack on, it’s cleaning our makeup brushes — but properly cleaning your brushes makes a major impact on how well they blend (which, in turn, impacts how good your makeup looks!). This electric brush cleaner makes it the tedious task so simple, though, you’ll be wondering what you ever did without it. “This makes my cleaning and dry time for my brushes go down SIGNIFICANTLY,” one shopper wrote. With your freshly cleaned brushes, you’ll quickly notice how much smoother your makeup applies.


This Double-Sided Castor Oil Wand For Fuller Brows & Lashes

Castor oil has taken the beauty world by storm thanks to its purported ability to encourage fuller, healthier, faster-growing hair — and this double-sided castor oil wand makes it beyond easy to reap those benefits on your lashes and brows. The wand contains just one ingredient — USDA organic castor oil — packaged in a mess-free applicator complete with a mascara wand on one end and a brow brush on the other. One Amazon shopper wrote that after using this product, “every hair that I pulled out from my [eyelash] extensions grew back in a matter of 2 weeks.” Hundreds more noted longer, fuller lashes and brows after using this consistently. It’s the perfect, natural way to look your best, with minimal effort.


A Compact, Illuminated Makeup Mirror You’ll Want In Every Bag

Plain and simple, everyone needs one of these in their bag. This double-sided, illuminated makeup mirror is sleek and compact and comes in three beautiful, glossy colors. If you often find yourself using selfie-mode to check your appearance, this is $10 you’ll be happy you spent. It also makes the perfect gift for your makeup-loving friend who’s always touching up their look on the go.


This Elegant, Surprisingly Affordable Rose Quartz Face Roller & Gua Sha Set

Feel like gifting yourself? Use this rose quartz facial roller and gua sha set for the ultimate (and easiest) self-care combo. These brilliant tools have been around for centuries, but they’ve made a modern comeback thanks to their ability to help stimulate collagen production, ease tension, reduce inflammation, and promote healthier-looking skin from the inside out — and you’ll notice the results instantly. The packaging is as beautiful as the tools themselves, which you can grab in either rose quartz or jade for about $10 on Amazon. No wonder they’re so well-loved.


The Best Fashion Tape On Amazon — & It’s Safe For Sensitive Skin

When it comes to fixing wardrobe malfunctions in seconds, nothing beats fashion tape — and with over 16,000 five-star ratings, Fearless Tape is by far the most popular fashion tape on Amazon. The double-sided adhesive makes it easy to apply and ensures that your outfit looks polished all day long, and since it’s waterproof, it’ll even stay put when you sweat. Even though it’s so effective, the adhesive is gentle and non-irritating, so it feels comfortable even during long periods of wear, and on sensitive skin.


A Handy Cleaning Stick That Will Make Your Jewelry Dazzle

Make your jewelry sparkle like it’s brand new with this jewelry cleaner pen. The pen is available in a one, two, or three pack, or as a set with cleaning wipes. Over 35,000 Amazon shoppers gave this pen a five-star rating, and people love how shiny and new it makes their favorite necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Try it and let the results speak for themselves.


A Hardworking Moisturizer That Preps, Hydrates, & Boosts Your Skin’s Glow

First Aid Beauty’s skin-priming moisturizer helps amplify your natural radiance when worn under your makeup, or on its own. The powerhouse ingredient list contains coconut water, quinoa protein, and a blend of nourishing minerals to repair, revitalize, hydrate, and strengthen your skin’s barrier and help your makeup last longer, while light-catching pigments make your skin look dewy and radiant. Talk about a multipurpose product.


These Anti-Frizz Sheets For The Easiest On-The-Go Hair Touch-Ups

Another portable must-have hair product, these coconut oil-infused, anti-frizz sheets help add moisture and shine to your hair, smooth away unwanted frizz, and they help protect your hair from UV rays that can dull your color. Reviewers write they work especially well on humid days, so don’t forget to throw these in your bag for your next beach vacation.


A Pair Of Moisturizing Foot Sleeves That Work Overnight To Repair Dry, Cracked Heels

“My heels were dry and cracking and after only 2 nights, my heals were soft and the cracks were starting to heal. I highly recommend these socks!” one Amazon reviewer raved of these genius gel heel sleeves. They’re infused with aloe, shea butter, and vitamin E to hydrate and soften even the roughest heels, and the breathable, vented fabric keeps your feet cool and comfortable, not sweaty. Just slip them on before bed, and you’ll wake up to baby-soft skin.


These Nipple Covers That Offer A Subtle Lifting Effect

Want to go braless and still feel supported? These nipple pasties have you covered, literally. They’re made of a comfortable, non-irritating silicone material that stays put for hours and totally disappears under your clothes; but unlike other silicone nipple pasties, these have straps that offer a subtle lifting effect. This pack comes with two pairs of reusable pasties, plus a pair of single-use nipple covers in a sweet heart shape, all for just about $15.


A Pair Of Deodorant-Removing Sponges That Work Like A Charm On Stubborn Stains

Like magic erasers for your clothes, these easy-to-use deodorant remover sponges will remove those stubborn white deodorant marks from any fabric. Once you try them, you won’t know what you were doing without them. One reviewer even wrote these sponges “saved my favorite old shirt from retirement” after endless tries through the wash.


This Brightening & Cooling Eye Balm That Doubles As A Highlighter

Instantly brighten your under-eye area with this eye balm from cult-favorite brand TULA. The formula combines probiotics with superfoods like caffeine and blueberry to help promote balanced, healthy skin, and a subtle cooling effect instantly perks up tired eyes. It’s also infused with finely milled radiant particles that make your skin look dewy and bright — and it can double as a highlighter. All told, this stick makes a great on-the-go beauty tool for any time you want to add a quick, natural, dewy glow to your complexion.


A Steam-Activated Hair Sheet Mask For A Spa-Like Experience At Home

This steam-activated hair sheet mask will transport you right to the spa — only this time, you’ll be in and out in five minutes. For best results, apply it in the shower after rinsing out your shampoo. Gently massage the cap into your scalp, and then let the steam work its magic to melt the hydrating formula into your hair. Rinse after five minutes and then dry and style as usual, revealing softer, silkier hair.


This Shoe Cleaning Kit To Make Your Shoes Look Like New Again

This shoe cleaning kit has everything you need to make your shoes look like new again, including a premium shoe cleaner that works on all materials (including leather and suede) and a soft-bristled brush. Amazon shoppers are raving about the high-quality brush and how sudsy the cleaning solution gets. This works so well, it keeps selling out — so add it to your cart while you can.