50 Things That Can Make A Big Impact On How Good You Look

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Gentle reminder: You don’t need to spend hours getting ready to look fabulous. In fact, when you’re preparing to head out the door, sometimes, it’s the simplest products that make the biggest difference: For example, a swipe of red lipstick can eliminate the need for any other makeup, while some brightening eyedrops can go a long way in making you look more refreshed. Those are just a sampling of the things that can make a big impact on how good you look, but in a minute, you’ll find 50 other ways to upgrade your appearance with barely any effort involved.

This list doesn’t just end at beauty and grooming products, either. Think about what a big difference the right undergarments can make, or how a simple accessory — be it a tennis bracelet or a silk scarf — can pull together even the most basic outfit. In this article, you’ll also come across plenty of brilliant hacks that you may have never heard of before, like the genius way you can use a certain household staple to transform your favorite white sneakers, or the old-school trick for ensuring your jeans never bunch up around your boots again.

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A Diamond-Infused Peel-Off Mask That Instantly Brightens Up Your Skin

Have 20 minutes to spare? Paint your face in this illuminating peel-off mask from cult K-beauty brand I DEW CARE. Infused with diamond powder, white water lily extract, and turnip leaf extract, it’ll leave your skin visibly brighter and clearer and feeling blissfully soft to the touch when you remove it. Plus, it actually dries to a shiny, reflective finish, so it’ll boost your mood (which will make you look beautiful, too).


The Cheapest, Easiest Way To Achieve Flawless Selfies Without A Filter

Upgrade your selfie game with this handy little ring light for your phone. It emits a soft white light that makes your face look like it’s under professional studio lighting — just clip it onto your phone, choose among the three adjustable light settings, and snap. It recharges via a USB cable, so you don’t need to fuss with batteries. Seriously, you’ll be amazed by how much your unfiltered photos will improve with this inexpensive gadget.


This $10 Eyelash Curler With Thousands Of 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Curling your lashes is a step that’s often neglected, but it can actually make a huge difference, whether you pair it with mascara or not. This eyelash curler is beloved by Amazon shoppers for its intelligent design, which includes an ergonomic handle, soft silicone pads that won’t tug or pull out your lashes, and a flexible spring that opens and closes smoothly. Just a few gentle squeezes from the roots to the tips of your lashes is enough to create a dramatic, voluminous curl.


A Seamless Bra That Remains Invisible Underneath All Your Clothes

If you’re wearing a top that’s fitted, in a pale color, or made of a slinky fabric, this seamless bra from Calvin Klein will create a smooth, invisible silhouette underneath it. A light lining and removable cups offer shape and support, without the use of uncomfortable underwire, and its pull-on fit does away with the need for clasps that can interrupt that smooth line. It’s so comfy, it’ll likely wind up becoming your new favorite everyday bra.


A Fabric Shaver So Your Clothes Always Look Neat & Pill-Free

Even if you’re in the chicest wool sweater ever, it’s not going to look very chic if it’s covered in pills. That’s why everyone should have a fabric defuzzer like this one. It can be used on any type of fabric, including furniture, to remove pills, lint, fuzz, and anything else that’s making your fabric look less than perfect. This seemingly niche item has been given over 50,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, as well as 10,000+ five-star reviews. Go ahead and see what all the hype is about for yourself.


A Creamy, Neutral Eyeliner To Perk Up Tired Eyes

Running a nude eyeliner along your waterline is another MUA-approved hack for cheating more awake-looking eyes — one you’ve likely heard of before, but that really, truly works. This L’Oreal eyeliner is a particularly great option, since it’s neither white nor sparkly (hence, natural-looking), and its creamy formula glides effortlessly onto your waterline without skipping. It’s also waterproof, crucially, so it’ll stay put. Try blending it into your inner corners and along your brow bone to use it as a matte highlighter, as well.


A Lighted Makeup Mirror That You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

Doing your makeup in the wrong — or right — lighting can make a huge impact on your final look. So, invest in this handy, trifold mirror so you achieve perfect, pro-quality makeup every time. Not only does it light up and have adjustable brightness settings, but it also offers four different types of magnification. One out of 10,000 Amazon reviewers called it the “Best purchase [they] have ever made.”


The Pro Secret To Insta-Worthy Eye Makeup Every Time

It’s safe to say that fake eyelashes are the easiest way to enhance your eye makeup, which is why it’s worth investing in a good reusable pair. Eyelure lashes are some of the best falsies on the market, but a single set will set you back just $5, and you can reuse them again and again (as long as you take good care of them). Included in the set is a gentle, non-irritating lash adhesive, and one pair of natural-looking lashes.


These Genius Straps So Your Jeans Never Scrunch Up When You’re Wearing Boots

How annoying is it when your jeans scrunch up around your knee-high boots, ruining an otherwise amazing outfit? That’s the exact problem these boot straps were designed to solve. You clip them onto your jeans, wrap them around your feet, slip your boots on, et voila — not a wrinkle in sight. It’s a little thing that can make a major impact on the overall effect of your ensemble.


This Lightweight Primer That Makes Your Skin Look Glowy, Smooth, & Even

Even if you’re not typically a primer person, TULA’s Face Filter deserves a spot on your shelf. The lotion-like formula is packed with brightening botanicals and nutrients, like turmeric, probiotics, and chia seeds, while finely milled “glow particles” impart a diffused, soft-focus finish. This skin care/makeup hybrid can be used daily as part of your standard skin care routine, even (or especially) on no-makeup days when you want a glowier, more even-looking complexion, along with an extra hit of hydration.


A Pack Of 1000 Tiny Elastics That Blend Into Your Hair

Visible hair ties can be so unsightly, especially when you’re sporting tiny knots or braids. The solution? These small rubber bands that blend into your hair invisibly, since they come in three different brown shades. Sold in a pack of 1000, they’ll make even the simplest pair of braids look 10 times cooler. Note that if you have blonder hair, you can also buy them in clear.


This Popular Teeth Whitening Pen That Promises To Lift Stains In 1 Week

This teeth whitening pen from Colgate is the easiest way to break up unwanted stains or discoloration. Just brush your teeth, dry them off, and paint the small, precise brush over each tooth (or target specific teeth) before bed. The hydrogen peroxide serum promises to whiten teeth in one week, and it’s less irritating on gums than traditional whitening strips, too.

“Absolutely amazing. I’ve only used the teeth whitening overnight stick 3 times and people are already starting to notice a difference in my teeth,” wrote one of 15,000+ happy reviewers.


This Seamless Underwear That’ll Make Panty Lines A Thing Of The Past

There are few fashion-related things more annoying than visible panty lines ruining an otherwise perfect outfit. The solution? Seamless underwear — and you’ll get six pairs in this best-selling value pack from Amazon. Made of a smooth, stretchy blend of nylon and spandex, they’re sold in assorted colors and prints, or you can also choose from a set of all black.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


A Neutral, 10-Free Polish So Your Nails Always Look Manicured & Clean

Sheer pink or nude nail polish is a manicure classic for a reason: It makes your nails look clean, elegant, and fresh, even if you can’t make it to the salon. While there are countless neutral polishes on the market, our editors are especially excited about this Sheers line from Cirque Colors, an indie brand based in Brooklyn, NY. This four-polish collection includes ballet pink, mauve, milky peach, and soft white shades, all with a delicate sheer finish that looks beautiful on every skin tone. Like all Cirque Colors polishes, the formulas are vegan and 10-free.

  • Available shades: 4


A Garment Steamer So Your Clothes Are Never Wrinkly Again

Nothing can ruin a gorgeous outfit quicker than wrinkles — so ensure your clothes always look freshly pressed with this handy garment steamer. Compact enough to travel with, this best-selling steamer can be used on any fabric (including curtains, which are notoriously hard to de-wrinkle/clean). Over 20,000 Amazon reviewers are fans.


This Classic Red Lipstick That Looks Good On Everyone

A swipe of red lipstick is an instant mood booster, as well as an outfit accessory in and of itself. This bullet from Mented Cosmetics boasts a creamy texture that actually feels moisturizing on your lips, courtesy of castor seed oil and vitamin E, while the intense pigmentation and velvety matte finish are pure drama. Red and Butter (the shade pictured) has an even balance between blue and orange undertones, so it looks gorgeous on virtually every complexion; though you have three other red shades to choose from on this page, in addition to taupes and peaches.

  • Available shades: 7


This Double-Sided Tape That Keeps Slinky Dresses & Tops Firmly In Place

Keep slinky, slippery fabrics secure with this double-sided tape. The adhesive is made to be gentle on skin for zero itching and irritation, but it’s heavy-duty enough to secure fabrics for hours (even on sweaty skin). You can also use this to temporarily hem lightweight fabrics, like silk and linen, so you can customize your pants, skirts, and shorts without a trip to the tailor. This particular pack has earned over 8,000 perfect ratings from Amazon reviewers who attest to its unparalleled staying power.


The Best-Selling Tool That’ll Transform Your Hair Styling Routine Forever

No matter what you’re wearing, a blowout is the most effective way to impact your look, hands down. But assuming you can’t get to the salon on a daily basis, the Revlon One-Step is the next best thing. Even if you have zero blow-drying skills, this cult-favorite tool makes it easy to get a bouncy, voluminous blowout with ease — and quickly, at that. No wonder this is one of the most popular hair tools of all time, with over 250,000 five-star ratings on Amazon alone (yes, you read that right).


A Timeless & Practical Tote That Looks Chic With Any Outfit

The right bag can make a world of difference in your outfit. Exhibit A? The best-selling tote, which has been awarded over 25,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, as well as number-one best-seller status. (Imagine this gorgeous pistachio color with faded blue jeans, a white tank, and gold hoops — perfect.) Besides being practically perfect in every way from an aesthetic standpoint, this bag is also super functional, as the main interior pocket is roomy enough to fit a change of clothes, a laptop, and even a pair of flats. What’s more? It comes in over 100 colors, and costs less than $15 on Amazon. Stock up.

  • Available colors: 100+


This Creamy Concealer That Never Looks Cakey or Dry

This best-selling concealer is a drugstore classic for a reason: The formula is super creamy, so it never looks cakey or dry, and the sponge-tip applicator makes for easy, fuss-free application. It leaves behind just the slightest radiant sheen, which is why it’s especially great for the under-eye area — it’ll make your skin look hydrated and refreshed. Over 75,000 Amazon shoppers have left it a five-star rating thus far.

  • Available shades: 20


A Wide-Brim Hat That’ll Make Any Outfit Feel 10 Times More Stylish

No idea what to do with your hair? Simple — just throw on a cute hat, like this one. Even if you’re in a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans, it’ll make your outfit look so much more stylish. And the best part is, it offers UPF 50 protection to keep your skin shielded from the sun. Choose from six neutral, goes-with-everything colors.

  • Available colors: 6


A Shine-Boosting Mist For Hair That’s Worthy Of A Pantene Commercial

Get hair worthy of a Pantene commercial with GIOVANNI’s Shine of the Times hair mist. Just a few spritzes will give you silky, shiny, lustrous hair with barely any added weight. It also helps to smooth down unwanted flyaways, while its antioxidant-rich, vegan formula is just another added bonus — as is its ridiculous reasonable $9 price tag.


The Timeless Levi’s Jeans That Belong In Every Wardrobe

The right jeans are arguably the most impactful way to upgrade your look, so invest in a pair of classic Levi’s 311s, which are some of the most popular jeans of all time for a reason. (Not that much of an investment needs to be made, since they cost less than $40 on Amazon.) What’s so great about them? Well, they’re just right: The rise is neither too high nor too low; the fit is timeless and looks good on everyone; they strike the perfect balance between soft, stretchy, and substantial; and they come in dozens of colors and washes to suit every aesthetic preference. To top it all off, you get to choose from short, regular, or long lengths, so it’s easy to get the perfect fit, even if you’re petite or tall.

  • Available sizes: 24 — 46 (short, regular, or long)
  • Available styles: 26


A Lip Scrub That Scrubs Away Flakes Using Sugar & Hawaiian Botanicals

A once- or twice-weekly lip exfoliation session works wonders for making your lips look and feel softer, and even a bit plumper. Sweeping away flakes before going in with matte or liquid lipsticks also creates a smooth, even canvas for those clump-prone formulas. This lip scrub from Hanalei contains the brand’s signature Hawaiian botanicals, including cane sugar to buff away dead skin, as well as kukui oil and shea butter for nourishment. Follow it up with the brand’s cult-favorite lip oil for your plushest lips ever.


A Pair Of Cool Oversized Sunnies With An Architectural Cat-Eye Shape

The utility of oversized sunglasses knows no bounds. No sleep? Hungover? Boring outfit? Channeling Audrey Hepburn? Oversized sunglasses are the fix, hence why you can never own too many pairs. With their chunky frames and architectural cat-eye shape, this pair is especially worthy of adding to your arsenal; and though they look and feel designer, they cost just $11. Choose from nine colorways in addition to the dramatic black pictured above, like stark white or dusty rose and tortoiseshell.


A Luxe Compact With All The Radiance-Boosting Makeup You Need

A swath of blush across your cheeks really does instantly awaken your entire complexion. In addition to a pretty, rosy blush, this chic compact from Urban Decay contains a buildable bronzer and a radiance-boosting highlighter. They’re all the elements you need to cheat a recent beach vacation, or at least a solid eight hours of sleep. Pulling the luxe golden compact out of your purse will make you feel downright glamorous, too.

  • Available shades: 3


These Cubic Zirconia Studs That Can Easily Pass For Real Diamonds

Diamond earrings are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of glamour to your appearance. But if you’re not in the market for real diamonds at the moment, or you’re simply itching to buy something pretty today, consider these cubic zirconia studs instead. Their clear, multifaceted faces shine and glitter like the real thing, as do their platinum-plated sterling silver settings. They’re an expensive-looking way to elevate a simple, everyday outfit, and a classic complement to all sorts of evening looks, so you’ll essentially never take them off. You can choose among several stone sizes, depending on how bling-y you like your jewelry.


A Classic White Top That Always Looks Chic, & Never Goes Out Of Style

It’s hard to think of a more timelessly elegant (or versatile) top than this cotton poplin button-down. It’ll quite literally never go out of style, it goes with everything, it’s a great layering piece, and you can make it work for any occasion: Wear it with black dress pants for work, go for a preppy look by putting it underneath a sweater, tie it in the front and pair it with denim cutoffs for a summery look... the possibilities go on and on.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 21


A Redness-Relieving Moisturizer In An Airtight, Pump-Top Bottle

If you’re prone to redness or rosacea, slather this night cream on before you go to bed so it can work its soothing magic as you sleep. That said, you could use it during the daytime, too — just be sure to layer sunscreen on top once it’s dried down. Made with hydrating and redness-relieving ingredients like glycerin, licorice, allantoin, niacinamide, and caffeine, among others, this moisturizer is packaged in an airtight pump-top bottle to keep the product fresh and germ-free.


The Trendy & Functional Solution To “Bad Hair Days”

Not only do hair clips serve a functional purpose — they were practically made to solve “bad hair days” — but these days, they’re one of the trendiest hair looks around. This set of two feels especially chic, thanks to its classic tortoiseshell pattern, and they’re durable enough to hold up even thick hair. Over 4,000 Amazon shoppers left them a five-star rating after buying them.


A Tinted Brow Gel For Fluffy, Feathery Brows Sans Effort

There’s no denying how much of an impact your eyebrows can have on your face. But using brow pencils and pens requires a fair amount of technique, whereas a tinted gel doesn’t involve any effort at all. This one from NYX is one of the best brow gels out there — it doesn’t make your brows feel crunchy or hard, it has the perfect-sized brush, and it costs just $8. Brush it through your brows to make them look fluffy and full, then shape them however you want.


A Smooth, Mockneck Bodysuit That Eliminates Wrinkles & Scrunching

Nobody likes the look of scrunched, wrinkled clothes, so instead of wearing a top, why not wear a bodysuit? This one is made of a smooth, rayon fabric (with 5% spandex for stretch) that never wrinkles, and since it’s a bodysuit, you never have to worry about it scrunching up or untucking from your pants. And this sleeveless mockneck style is one of the most versatile pieces a person could own — you can pair it with literally any bottoms in any season, and use it as a layering piece, as well. Plus, it’s easy to dress both up and down.


This Hydrating Setting Spray That Makes Your Skin Look Dewy & Fresh

Like any setting spray, this ultra-light mist from Neutrogena will blend your makeup seamlessly together and keep it locked in all day long. A little more special, though, is that it imparts a wash of hydrating, dewy radiance, so you’ll look like the coveted glazed doughnut without feeling like one. The oil-free formula also contains good-for-skin ingredients like vitamin E and peptides to nourish your skin. Spritz it on throughout the day whenever your skin feels dull or dehydrated, or when you want to look a bit sexy-sweaty.


A Silk Scarf That Adds A Chic Parisian Touch To Any Ensemble

Is there any accessory chicer (or more versatile) than a silk scarf? This one from Karl Lagerfeld Paris is an especially modern option, thanks to its 13 cool, French-inspired prints, like luggage stamps, the Parisian skyline, and dainty yellow flowers you might come across at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Whether you tie it in your hair, on a purse strap, around your neck, or worn as a top (with plenty of double-stick tape), the 100% pure silk scarf strikes the perfect balance between timeless elegance and au courant.


A Packet Of Glamorous Blotting Papers Made With 23-Karat Gold Leaf

Consider this your reminder to replenish the dwindling supply of oil blotters in your handbag. While any old drugstore blotters will do, why not treat yourself to this luxe packet from Tatcha? These gossamer-thin sheets are made of 100% abaca leaf, a sustainably grown, highly absorbent leaf fiber that gently sops up excess oil without disturbing your makeup. For an extra-luxurious touch, each sheet is studded with 23-karat gold leaf that, when pressed into your skin, transfers a hint of gleamy radiance.


A Set Of Clips & Straps To Transform Any Bra

It’s a known fact that the right (or wrong) bra can make a major impact on your outfit. But even if your bra isn’t the right fit for the look you’re going for, these handy little bra clips can help. They’re capable of turning any bra into a racerback, so they can conceal the straps if you’re in a tank or dress, and they can increase your bra’s lift to suit various necklines, as well. They’re also simply handy if your bras don’t fit very well, but you don’t want to go out and buy new ones. You’ll get some bonus bra straps in this $5 set, too.


A Travel-Friendly Oil To Nourish Your Nails & Cuticles On The go

This nail and cuticle oil pen is one of the easiest ways to cheat freshly manicured nails at home (or anywhere). The formula contains a potent blend of honey, lactic acid, and vitamin E to soften dry, peeling cuticles and strengthen brittle nails. Plus, the pen format is a bit less unwieldy (and messy) than your typical oil dropper or brush-on format, so it’s easy to stash in your makeup bag or purse for on-the-go touch-ups.


These Expensive-Looking Necklaces That Can Be Worn Separately Or Together

Amazon is an unexpected gold mine of inexpensive yet well-made jewelry, like these dainty, 18-karat gold-plated necklaces. The two strands are designed to be layered together perfectly, though they are separate, so you can mix and match them with other pieces in your collection. However you choose to wear them, these elegant necklaces can do so much to elevate even the most casual of outfits — put them on with a simple white T-shirt, a swipe of red lipstick, and a pair of oversized cat-eye sunnies for a timeless, effortlessly glamorous look.


The Best Way To Care For Your Hair On A Day-To-Day Basis

There’s a reason why stylists always have a boar bristle brush in their kits — these gentle tools make your hair shiny, smooth, and buttery-soft, and help redistribute the oils from your scalp through the hair shaft (critical for maintaining hair health between shampoos). No need to splurge on an expensive model, though. This popular one costs just $14 on Amazon, but tens of thousands of shoppers confirm it works wonderfully to detangle and smooth hair of all types. Plus, the flexible nylon pins feel like you’re getting a mini scalp massage with every stroke.


A Tennis Bracelet To Add A Glitzy Touch To Your Wrists

Another simple way to make a big impact on your outfit comes in the form of this gleaming, glittering tennis bracelet from PAVOI. Whether you’re in blue jeans or a ballgown, it’ll add the perfect touch of (tasteful) glamour to your look. Though it truly appears to be made of real diamonds, they’re actually cubic zirconia stones, though you’d never guess it. Choose from a setting of white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, all hypoallergenic and lead-free.


A Dermatologist-Approved Sunscreen With A Skin-Burring Tint

Ask any derm to recommend a sunscreen, and there’s a really good chance they’ll include one from EltaMD on their list. The gentle, oil-free formula is safe for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive; and although it offers ample sun protection, it feels light and non-tacky on your skin. This version one-ups the original formula with a tint that blends seamlessly into most skin tones, resulting in a slightly blurred, radiant complexion. A great hack for no-makeup makeup, or (technically) no makeup altogether.


A Pair Of Glamorous Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Skin & Hair

Silk pillowcases turn your bed into a glam haven, sure, but they’re also your ticket to smoother hair and skin: The slick, frictionless material helps prevent damage and irritation (on the skin care front) and tangles and knots (in your hair), and it absorbs less moisture than cotton does to keep acne-causing bacteria at bay. Seems like a truly decadent purchase, but you can actually get a set of wildly popular satin pillowcases for about $10 on Amazon, and satin is just as effective as silk for the aforementioned benefits. Choose from 23 chic, shimmering shades, like ivory, champagne, and pale pink.


These Brightening Under-Eye Patches That Help Perk Up Tired Skin

Soaked in a serum containing 24-karat gold, peptides, and snail mucin, these cult-favorite Korean under-eye patches are undoubtedly luxurious — and they also help soothe, depuff, and hydrate tired skin. Pop them in the fridge to bolster their anti-inflammatory effects, and make sure to pat any excess serum into your skin when you peel them off. Don’t let that previous product go to waste!


The Denim Jacket That Adds A Stylish Touch To Any Outfit

A denim jacket can literally transform an outfit — from leggings or jeans and a T-shirt to a dainty sundress — and it works in three out of four seasons. So if you don’t already have one, or need a new one, pick this one up stat. The definition of a classic, it has a polished, straight fit that’s still roomy enough to layer a sweater underneath, with two utilitarian-chic button-front chest pockets and slash pockets (a must). Choose from 12 denim washes.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large; 1X — 4X
  • Available styles: 12


A Glow-Boosting Stick To Brighten & Hydrate Your Skin On The Go

If your skin tends to get dry or dull throughout the day, keep this stick in your bag — it’ll add a dewy, shimmery glow, as well as a touch of hydration, anywhere you put it. Of course, you can use this as your primary highlighter, too — it’s just especially handy for on-the-go application thanks to its liquid-free formula and twist-up design. Like all e.l.f. products, this has the added benefit of being vegan and cruelty-free.


These Preppy-Chic Headbands That’ll Transform Any Basic ‘Do

Transform any basic ‘do — even if your hair is down, or pulled back into a ponytail — into a style worthy of Blair Waldorf with these velvet padded headbands. Accented with little pearls, these chic accessories are sold in a budget-friendly pack of four for just $11 on Amazon. The perfect way to add a preppy-chic accent to any look.


A Trustworthy LBD You Can Always Turn To

When you have no idea what to wear, but know you need to look fabulous, turn to a little black dress. And this one feels especially perfect for any occasion, because the silhouette is practically timeless: Who gets tired of a V-neckline, wrap-style effect, and tulip hem, after all? This will become your new go-to for any event, though you could easily get away with wearing it to the office by throwing a blazer on top.


This Deliciously Scented Violet Shampoo That Keeps Your Blonde Looking Icy & Bright

A purple shampoo is vital for keeping your blonde, platinum, or silver hair (or blonde highlights) looking cool — not brassy or yellow — between salon visits. There’s no shortage of violet shampoos to choose from, but this one from Paul Mitchell comes highly recommended by one of our blonde-haired editors. Just a single wash leaves her blonde looking borderline white (just how she likes it), and incredibly soft to the touch — a necessity for bleached hair, which can feel straw-like without proper care. The delicious floral-melon scent lingers for days, too.


A Hand & Body Scrub For Your Glowiest, Softest Skin Ever

Shoppers dub this SheaMoisture scrub a “game changer” for transforming dull, dry skin everywhere below the neck, including chronically dry, flaky hands. It’s made with a handful of decadent natural ingredients, like sugar (the exfoliating agent), coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and hibiscus flowers, and it’s imbued with a lovely floral scent — so you’ll be left glowing and smelling like a garden when you step out of the shower or bath.


This Genius Hack To Make White Sneakers Look Brand New

Here’s a pro tip for you: These shoe cleaner wipes are the best way to make white sneakers look brand new again — and we all know what a big difference clean sneakers can make in an outfit. These wipes are safe to use on all kinds of materials, including leather and suede, so you can use them to buff away scuff marks and dirt on all your boots, clogs, and heels, too.

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