40 Clever Things On Amazon That Make You Look Better With Almost No Effort

Look sleek and sophisticated in just a few minutes.

by Julia O'Donnell
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Between manicures and blowdries, trips to the tailor and the dry cleaners, maintaining a polished appearance can often feel like a full-time job. But as any smart shopper knows, there are products out there that can help you feel more put together in a matter of minutes. Case in point? These 40 clever things on Amazon that make you look better with almost no effort involved. They work fast, they don't require any fuss, and they're affordable, too — and the best part is, they're only a click away.

Whether you're looking for a way to prolong the life of your hairstyle, get your clothes interview-ready at a moment's notice, or even remove unwanted blackheads quickly (and even have fun doing it — seriously), the products featured ahead will help you solve all your last-minute fashion and beauty dilemmas. They'll also help get you out the door faster and make your life easier when you're running low on energy — so really, what's not to love?

Scroll on to shop over 40 of the most genius products on Amazon that make getting ready easier — for $50 or less.

Oh, and one more thing: Prime Day may be over, but there are still some can’t-miss deals already available on a variety of products. Check them out below and snag them while they’re discounted.


This Nourishing Lip Butter With A Lovely Tint

Formulated with nourishing, all-vegan ingredients including shea butter and agave, this lip butter will leave your pucker extra smooth. Even better, it has a subtle tint to it — so you can use it in lieu of your regular lipstick or gloss. Choose from several different shades, including peachy oranges, rosy pinks, and rich reds.

  • Available shades: 12


This All-In-One Moisturizer & SPF In A Convenient Spray Bottle

This ingenious moisturizer combines a few crucial skin-care steps into one, convenient package — and the majority of ingredients are organic, to boot. A nourishing blend of vitamin E, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and panthenol moisturize; chamomile and green tea reduce redness; and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide an SPF of 30. The non-aerosol spray makes it a breeze to apply, so you can spritz it on and go about your day. (Better yet, stash it in your bag for mid-day touch-ups.)


40% Off These Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair & Skin

These smooth polyester satin pillowcases from Love’s cabin boast a knockout 4.5-star rating overall on Amazon, after 66,000-plus reviews. And they’re likely so popular because they’ll instantly make your bed look and feel more luxurious. Plus, they’re ultra-gentle on your skin and hair. The soft pillowcases are wrinkle-resistant, zipper-free, and machine washable. Choose from a variety of color options, as well as standard, queen, king, and body sizes.


A Set Of Eight Chain Extenders To Customize Your Bracelets And Necklaces

These chain extenders are great for adjusting a bracelet or necklace that's too small, and will also come in handy when you need to customize the length of your favorite necklaces to create the perfect layered look. The eight-piece set includes one gold and one silver extender in four different lengths: 2, 3, 4, and 6 inches. Made of durable stainless steel with lobster clasp closures, they're high-quality and blend in well with most jewelry, according to reviewers.


A Quick-Drying Top Coat That Reviewers Call "A Miracle In A Bottle"

If you're someone who tends to ruin your manicure long before it's had time to dry, you need OPI's Drip Dry drops, pronto. While there are many topcoat-style nail products on the market that claim to speed up drying time, what sets this one apart is that it really, truly works — at least, if hundreds of glowing reviews and a near-perfect 4.5-star rating are any indication. "I am astounded, honestly," one Amazon reviewer marveled. "This little bottle is going to be my new best friend. No more having to wait a half hour or longer to touch something!"


This Pink Salt Scrub Without Additives Or Chemicals

Pamper yourself with this Himalayan salt body scrub. Simply scoop out your desired amount of product and massage it into your body to slough off dry skin cells, dirt, and product buildup that gets in the way of having luminous skin. It’s infused with lychee and almond oils for an extra-soft finish.


An Easy (And Satisfying!) Way To Make Fuzzy, Pill-Covered Fabrics Look New Again

People are obsessed with this best-selling fabric shaver by Conair — of the staggering 20,000 shoppers who left feedback after buying it, 85% gave it a positive rating, and over 7,500 left a glowing five-star review. Satisfyingly effective and easy to use, the battery-operated device removes lint, hair, and fuzz from clothing, bedding, and more, collecting it in a detachable compartment so you can easily throw it away.


33% Off This Crest 3D Whitestrips Kit

Want to significantly whiten your teeth without a time-consuming and pricey trip to the dentist? This Crest 3D Whitestrips kit is here to help and can whiten your teeth up to 18 levels in just 20 days. It comes with 40 strips, which is enough for 20 treatments, which only last 30 minutes each. Say hello to brighter teeth in no time.


A Jewelry Cleaning Pen So Your Stones Always Sparkle

Simple Shine's popular jewelry cleaning pens make it easy to keep your gold, diamond, and other fine jewelry in tip-top shape, so you’ll never have to worry about dull-looking stones again. For $26, you get a pack of two, so you’ll be set for a while.


The Newest Hair-Repairing Treatment From Olaplex — And It Doubles As A Heat Protectant

The newest in Olaplex's line of pro-favorite hair-repairing treatments, their No.7 Bonding Oil proves the brand truly can't miss. Featuring the same patented bond-repairing technology as all Olaplex products, the nourishing oil is super concentrated, yet feels non-greasy and totally weightless. It works to repair, strengthen, and moisturize your hair while simultaneously protecting it from heat damage from temperatures up to 450 degrees.


The Fan-Favorite Setting Spray That Soaks Up Oil

The passion reviewers have for this setting spray can't be overstated — to date, it’s been awarded over 20,000 perfect five-star ratings. (And over 5,000 Amazon shoppers went out of their way to leave it a glowing review.) The weightless mattifying spray helps control excess oil production and locks your makeup in place for all-day wear, so you won’t have to worry about it fading or smudging until you choose to wash it off.


This Exfoliating Body Scrub That Smooths Out Your Skin

This exfoliating body scrub from First Aid Beauty is infused with glycolic and lactic acids, both of which gently remove dead skin — revealing a brighter, smoother texture underneath. The addition of pumice beads provides extra cleansing power, while vitamin E works to hydrate and calm the skin. Several reviewers raved over the smooth-skin results they got after just a few uses.


This Icy Facial Roller That Helps With Everything From Puffy Eyes To Migraines

Keep this brilliant facial roller in your freezer so it'll be chilled and ready to use when you need it — its benefits are so vast and far-reaching that you'll likely find yourself reaching for it more often than you'd expect. Massaging your face with an ice roller not only has beauty benefits (it can help with everything from puffy skin to redness), but it can also relieve pain from migraines, congestion, sinus infections, and more. Didn’t sleep? Ate too much salt last night? Just roll this over your skin and, with barely any effort involved, you’ll look (and feel) so much better.


An Ingenious Reusable Cloth That Wipes Away Makeup

This reusable cloth can remove can cut through stubborn cosmetics like foundation, mascara, lipstick, and even waterproof makeup with ease. All you need to do is add water; the tiny polyester fibers will wick away your makeup. The highly rated cloth has more than 24,000 reviews and can be tossed in the washing machine to keep it in great shape.

  • Available colors: 15


This Bestselling Nail Drill Kit To Take At-Home Manicures Up A Notch

Why go to the nail salon when this electric nail drill kit makes it so easy to give yourself a perfect manicure at home? The user-friendly device can be used on any type of nails — natural, gel, or acrylic — and comes with 11 handy attachments to grind, carve, cut, and polish your nails. It's a must for removing gel nail polish, and it has roughly a million other potential uses, from smoothing out ridges to creating the perfect shape.


A Vitamin-Rich Hair Serum Encased In Portable Capsules

Each small but mighty capsule in this jar contains a potent hair serum made up of vitamin-rich argan oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, and provitamin B5 — a winning combination for softer, stronger, and shinier hair, no matter your hair type. The capsule vehicle not only doles out the perfect serving size — thereby cutting down on product waste — but they’re also travel-friendly (not to mention TSA-safe), so you can have great hair anywhere you go.


A K-Beauty Lip Oil That Moisturizes And Tints

One way to look better with minimal effort is to opt for products with multiple uses, and this lip oil fits the bill. Using raspberry extract, Vitamin E, and apple water, this lip oil locks in moisture while also adding a subtle, pinkish color, like a lip tint. Plus, it won’t leave you feeling sticky.


A Mulberry Silk Pillowcase For Better Hair And Skin While You Sleep

Resting your head on this satin pillowcase will make each night feel like pure luxury, to be sure. But sleeping on satin has some more practical benefits, as well — for one, it's far gentler on your skin and hair than most fabrics, so it's less likely to cause hair breakage, frizz, or creases on your face. Plus, it's also a natural temperature regulator, which means this will be especially great if you tend to get hot at night. Choose from 9 colors.


These Handy Clips That Easily Cinch Loose-Fitting Garments

These garment clips come in quite handy when you need a quick clothing fix and you don’t have time to head to the tailor. These stretchy elastic band are outfitted with two gentle clips at either end, so you can instantly cinch loose-fitting tops or waistbands without damaging the fabric. Keep them hidden underneath a sweater (if you’re altering a top) or a long top (if you’re cinching a waistband).


This Value Pack Of Makeup Blending Sponges You Can Use Over & Over Again

Designed with a unique egg shape, these makeup sponges are perfect for blending foundation, contouring highlighter, applying powder, and more. Once you’ve finished using a sponge, all you have to do is rinse off the product with a bit of soap and water and let it dry. This five-pack comes in a variety of bright colors, so you won’t lose sight of each sponge.


These Nifty Clips That Make Any Bra A Racerback

When you're wearing a racerback top or dress, use these nifty bra strap clips to adjust the straps on your usual go-to, rather than investing in a whole new bra. Sold in a pack of three, the clips can also be used to tighten the straps on a bra that's stretched out, or to boost your cleavage.


This Best-Selling Fashion Tape That Has Tons Of Potential Uses

Once you've added this Fearless Tape to your fashion tool kit, you'll find yourself wondering how you ever managed without it. The clear, double-sided tape has about a million potential uses — use it to close gaping blouses, conceal visible undergarments, or temporarily adjust the hem on dresses, skirts, or pants. Reviewers say it's easy to use and works like a charm, noting that it's strong enough to stay put, yet not so strong that it'll damage your clothes when you remove it.


A Natural Way To Condition Your Scalp, Lashes, & Brows

Cold-pressed castor oil has some amazing moisturizing benefits for your hair, skin, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Apply it to your scalp as a nourishing treatment for your locks, rub some into your arms and legs to soothe dryness, or add a few drops to your lash line or brows to stimulate growth. You’ll wonder how you ever carried on without it before.


The Brilliant Exfoliating Brush That Easily Buffs Away Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

This exfoliating brush is a godsend for those prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs, and the ergonomic handle fits nicely in your hand (so it won’t slip out in the shower, no matter how sudsy it gets). Even if you don’t get irritated post-shave skin, you can use this once or twice weekly to buff away rough, bumpy skin; reviewers report that it’s particularly useful on keratosis pilaris. “It does a good job of opening/clearing clogged pores on the surface of the skin; whether from an ingrown hair or from skin conditions like KP,” one shopper wrote. “I have used it both wet and dry and have really noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, already!”


This Gel-Filled Face Mask That Can Be Used Hot Or Cold

Keep this face mask in the freezer or microwave it for a few seconds — either way, you'll love taking advantage of the soothing benefits of cold or hot therapy, which range from de-puffing tired eyes to easing headaches and nasal congestion. It's filled with gel beads that not only help keep the temperature constant for longer, but also feel amazing as they conform to the contours of your face.


A Seamless Bralette That Won't Show Through Thin Tops Or Dresses

Designed to be completely invisible under clothes, this wireless bralette is made with a smooth, seamless fabric, and has removable pads and wide, comfortable straps. Choose from several colors, including black, gray, and white.


A Microfiber Hair Towel That'll Dry Your Hair Twice As Fast

If buying a special towel for your hair seems like a waste of money, the reviews for this microfiber hair towel will likely change your mind. In more than nearly 7,000 perfect five-star reviews, fans call it "unbelievable," "magic," and "a must-buy." What's the fuss about? The microfiber it's made with is significantly more absorbent than traditional terry cotton, which means it can cut down your drying time by about half. Microfiber is also gentler on your hair, so it helps reduce breakage and unwanted frizz.


The Chunky Shrunken Puffer Vest That’s Having A Moment

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, the cropped puffer vest is currently enjoying a serious resurgence among trend-setters. The chunky layer is both stylish and practical, with a stand collar that blocks the wind and a drawcord waist. Consider picking up the Barbiecore pink version if you really want to lean into this season’s trends, but a neutral would look just as fresh and remain wearable for years to come. (Since they’re so affordable, though, you could consider getting two.)

  • Available colors: 18
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


These Dual-Sided Tools For Exfoliating Your Lips

Dry, flaky lips don't feel great, and they don't bode well for flawless lipstick application, either. Luckily, these dual-ended lip exfoliators make it easy to keep your pout feeling soft, smooth, and perfectly primed for makeup — and because they're sold in an affordable pack of seven, you'll have more than enough to ensure you'll always have one on hand.


The Easy-Grip Eyelash Curler With Tons Of High Ratings

Designed with an easy-grip stainless steel handle and non-pinching silicone pads, this eyelash curler is an indispensable tool for achieving dramatic lashes. Over 23,000 customers have given it a five-star review on Amazon, so you know that it’s high-quality. It also comes with a satin carrying pouch that adds an extra touch of luxury to your makeup routine.

  • Available colors: 4


A Three-Pack Of Velvet Scrunchies — With A Twist

These velvet scrunchies are a cute, easy way to add a little something special to your 'do, but they're also more than that. Sold in a pack of three, each scrunchie has a discreet (yet surprisingly spacious) zippered pocket hiding in its folds. It's the perfect size for holding cash or other tiny valuables at concerts, festivals, and other situations when you'd prefer to leave your purse at home — and besides, the idea is so fun.


This Purple-Hued Mask That Revives Blonde & Platinum Hair

Despite its vibrant violet shade, this hair mask doesn’t turn your hair purple. Rather, it’s designed to remove brassy, yellow tones from dyed blonde and platinum hair. Formulated with hydrating coconut and marula oils, the mask conditions your strands — while protecting them from fading caused by the sun’s UV rays — so you can return to that salon-fresh look and feel.


A Mascara-Like Styling Product To Tame Flyaways

This popular hair finishing stick makes it easy to smooth flyaways and frizz when you want a sleek, pulled-back look. Packaged in a mascara-like tube complete with a spoolie wand, the lightweight gel formula dries clear and is non-greasy.


These Thermal Hair Rollers That Give You Big, Bouncy Curls

Designed with a ceramic-coated core, these hair rollers can quickly be warmed up using a hair dryer. You get eight rollers in assorted sizes, allowing you to create dynamic, voluminous curls in minutes. Simply add the curlers to almost-dry hair, blow over them with your hair dryer, and remove them once they’re cool.


This Anti-Frizz Spray That Shields Hair From Humidity

Keep unwanted frizz at bay, even in the hottest, stickiest climates, with this Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield. Exactly as the name suggests, this multipurpose spray protects hair from moisture in the air that can make hair unruly; plus, it protects against UV rays and heat styling tools to keep your hair strong and your color vibrant.


This Teeth-Whitening Powder Made With Activated Coconut Charcoal

Next time you notice coffee or wine stains on your pearly whites, you'll be glad to have this teeth-whitening powder in your purse. In addition to bentonite clay, the formula within the pen is made with activated coconut charcoal to help remove unwanted stains gently. Just brush your teeth with the powder and the included bamboo toothbrush for 3 minutes, then rinse.


A Quick And Effortless Way To Remove Residual Pigment From Your Makeup Brushes

Like magic, this color remover sponge will make every last bit of pigment and residue disappear off your makeup brushes — and it doesn't require any cleaning solution, or even water. While it's still important to actually clean your brushes regularly, the sponge is still super handy for getting the gunk out of your brushes before switching colors. Packaged in a travel-friendly tin, the sponge can be washed and reused as many times as you'd like.


A Makeup-Melting Balm For Your Cleanest, Healthiest Skin Ever

Removing all your makeup at the end of each day is the best way to ensure your skin looks and feels its best, both in the short- and long-term. And cleansing balms, like Farmacy’s all-natural Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm, makes the process so much easier. It melts off all your makeup when applied to dry (not wet) skin, including waterproof mascara, and once it’s washed away, it leaves your skin super smooth and soft. Follow up with a water-based cleanser for your cleanest, healthiest skin ever.


A Sophisticated Bodysuit In The Softest Jersey

Bodysuits have become a fashion staple, so it’s well worth having multiple styles. This square-neck version is a chic step up from your sleekest tanks and tees — but in a soft jersey knit, it feels like your most easygoing basic. Keep it under a blazer at the office, then slip off your jacket and add statement jewelry for a dinner date after.

  • Available colors: 30
  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


This Ultra-Hydrating Hair Masque

Give your hair some TLC with this vegan hair masque. It’s made with natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut, and fig to condition, soften, and even repair damaged hair. Plus, it’s super easy to use: just leave it in for 10 minutes and give your hair a rinse. As one user wrote, “I never write reviews but this product is amazing! My dry/colored damaged hair has been restored after only two mid-to-end applications.”


This Gel-Based Callus Remover That Seriously Softens Your Feet

Make cracked, dry heels a thing of the past by using a dollop of this callus-removing gel on your feet. Once you apply the gel, allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes to fully soak into your skin. Once you rinse off the formula, you’ll instantly notice a smoother texture along the soles of your feet. Over 27,000 customers have given this product a five-star review, so it’s clear that it really works.


An Effective, Eco-Friendly Alternative To Blotting Papers

This facial roller uses real volcanic stone to absorb excess oil from your face throughout the day. An eco-friendly alternative to blotting papers, it can easily be washed and reused, over and over again. Plus, its portable design means it's easy to keep in your purse, so you'll always have it when you need it. "If you have extremely oily skin, This. Is. It," one reviewer gushed. "I was so tired of getting blotting powder/wipes. It felt wasteful and always left residue on my face."

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