Allow Rick Owens & Aesop To Introduce You To Fragrance Jewelry

Very intriguing.

Aesop Rick Owens candle and beads

Versatility might just be the truest mark of a creative genius — and Rick Owens, perfectly embodies that. How many other designers can wrangle furniture collections, high-fashion houses, diffusion lines, and even several self-authored books and manage to leave a distinct stamp on them all without compromising their individuality? It’d be virtually impossible for anyone else, but the Rick Owens vision is all-encompassing. Today, the design legend teams up with an unexpected (yet very natural) partner for a very on brand collaboration — the Aesop + Rick Owens collection, built from a shared sensibility on lifestyle and aesthetics, ensures that your home and body are equally enveloped in quiet decadence.

Though the collaboration — featuring an aromatherapy candle and a travel set of on-the-go self-care essentials — is brand-new, it seems like something both Owens and the Aesop brand would arrive at eventually. Owens is a longtime fan of Aesop’s body, hair, and home products, musing in a press release, “I am not sure if it was my body responding positively to the alchemy of the unguents they produce or my head responding to the quiet and gentle aesthetics of their ethos as a company, but Aesop’s balms represented a soothing mood that I wanted to continue seamlessly throughout my home life and my travel life.”


With the launch of this collaboration, consider Owens’ mission thoroughly accomplished. The lineup of Owens-designed products includes a limited-edition Aromatique Candle in three assorted sizes and a travel kit stocked with body wash, body balm, shampoo and conditioner, and a specially-formulated fragrance, Stoic Eau de Toilette. Additionally, the kit comes with a jersey hair wrap and a string of ceramic beads made to be used in conjunction with the new fragrance. According to the project press release, Owens wanted a sort of “reassuring amulet” included in the set, which manifested in the form of the beads. Porus and natural, they hold the fragrance even longer than the skin can. Worn as a bracelet or necklace, tied to a bag, or featured as a bedside accessory, it gives off hints of the rich fragrance all day and night.


As for the fragrance itself, an equally-unique blend of black pepper, frankincense, coriander seed, and patchouli is intriguing, inviting, and utterly unforgettable. That coriander seed, a favorite Aesop scent, also fuels the body cleanser included in the travel kit. Keeping in step with the Rick Owens and Aesop aesthetic is the new Stoic Aromatique Candle, designed to be as much an art piece as a vessel for fragrance thanks to a contemporary yet classical sculptured shape inspired by the relief works of modernist Constantin Brancusi and the more abstract works of Hans Arp.

Too often, designer collaborations feel more like a takeover than a natural partnership — this fusion, though, is the sort of match that can only come from a truly shared philosophy and that’s reflected in just how seamlessly each product fits into both parties’ oeuvres.

The Rick Owens x Aesop collaboration is available today March 21, shop the collection below.

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