The Black-Owned Candle Brands You Should Know & Support

These candles are a true labor of love.

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Black-owned candle brands to shop
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There's something about a candle that can make your home, home. Whether it be its design or scent, candles have the power to make many feel relaxed and at peace. And in the middle of a global pandemic and a much-needed uprising against systemic racism, finding and creating space in your home to destress is important. So, skip out on lighting up something from Yankee Candle and support one of these Black-owned candle brands instead. Because they're more than just a way to elevate your space or fill your rooms with a pleasant aroma (though they accomplish that, too); the candles are a true labor of love.

For some of the brands, the candles are a way to help you find relaxation amid stressful times in the same way the founders did, while for others it's an invitation for you to visit their favorite places in cities like Atlanta and Harlem. And for some, making candles is a way to share Black love, history, and power through names that make you think and scents that take you places. In every brand, though, the candle is more than just an accessory; it's an act of self-love, cultural appreciation, or really, anything you need it to be.

Ahead, 13 Black-owned candle brands [Ed. note: This list has been expanded to include 21 brands] to shop and support right now.

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We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Bright Black Candles

A family affair, Bright Black Candles is created by Tiffany M. Griffin and Dariel Heron along with their young daughter, Elena. Through names and scents, the brand honors the Black Diaspora and provides an opportunity for people of any age to learn about the triumphs and joy of Black people.

Copper Wings Candle Co.

Along with having delightful scents like spearmint and eucalyptus (made from blending only essential oils and coconut wax), Copper Wings Candle Co. makes unscented candles. Which means, you can still have the cozy vibe if you're sensitive to fragrance.

[Air In]

These small but powerful 4-ounce tins are made with 100 percent natural soy wax while being free of phthalates, dyes, lead, and preservatives. The small size makes them optimal for stashing into tiny places, gifting, and having an aroma that isn't too powerful.

UNLAX Candles

Made for when you're in times of anxiety and stress, these candles having soothing scents in both the Zen and Sweet Escape collections. From teakwood to pineapple, they're all made with 100 percent natural soy wax, essential oils, and lead-free wicks.

Posh Candle Co.

Chief Chandler of Posh Candle Co., Tay Watts, believes what's written on your candle is sometimes just as important as the smell it's giving off. "Our mission is to inspire women to be their authentic selves by using catchy phrases and statements that encourage a positive mindset, promote self-love, spark laughter and offer an on-trend approach to the relaxing flicker of a candle flame," reads the brand's "About Us" page.


After going through an immobilizing burn accident in 2016, founder and CEO Erin Cunningham found peace in making candles and being creative with scents. The entire line of candles (and lotion and body and hair products) is about the rebirth of a new state of mind and being.

Harlem Candle Co.

As the name suggests, Harlem Candle Co. is a love letter from founder Teri Johnson to the New York City neighborhood, as well as a manifestation of her love of fragrance and jazz. With numerous collections, you can find luxury gold-lettered tumblers, ones with maps of Harlem, and others with floral designs.

Good Day Scents

Good Day Scents combines fan-favorite notes — like pineapple sage — with unique names into candles that are hand-poured in Washington, D.C. The goal is to distill memories and experiences into the candles allowing users to relax and "relive their Good Days with the light of each candle."

Laguna Candles

If you are looking for a candle that is also a work of art, Laguna Candles has you covered. The brand, founded by Sharie Hendricks, has glass blown, hand-painted, and ceramic tumblers to make a statement or accent any room perfectly. Plus, the brand has smaller votives and even candle-making workshops for those based in the brand's hometown, Laguna Beach.

Olphactory Candles

According to a June 3 Instagram post from the brand, "Olphactory Candles was created to be a living record of heritage and ancestral identity of generations past, present, and future." And it does exactly that by making candles inspired by the spiritual, historical, and renewing sounds of jazz.

Lotus Flame Candle Co.

Created by cousins Chanceya and Jimmy Shelton, Lotus Flame Candle Co. does not disappoint when it comes to names (like Sun In Bag, Moon in Szn.). And neither do the note profiles of the 14-ounce candles, which combine citrus, earthy, and floral scents.

Nice Scent Candle Co.

Nice Scent Candle Co.'s 8-ounce tins may seem compact, but they boast over 40 hours of burn time. And since the company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, each of the candles is named after a street, city, or landmark from the area to honor what founder Shanice Wilson thinks of as an influential epicenter.

House Of 40

As a gift to herself for her 40th birthday, creator Kim Fung-Richberg shared her candles with friends, and from there, the brand House Of 40 began. Along with providing scents strong enough to cover an entire room, Fung-Richberg titled her candles with empowering words — such as Compassion and Freedom — to inspire users.


These candles are a luxury moment whether you have them burning or simply sitting on your shelf. The Italian, handmade marble vessels come in three different color ways — white, rosé, and black — with 11 accompanying scents. Plus, the tumblers are refillable so if you want to swap out your English Garden for a Misty Moor, you can. Just note that right now the vessels are in pre-order, but it's definitely worth the wait.

The Black Home

A quick scroll through the The Black Home website reveals all the candles (and some tableware) are, well, black. "Understanding the fear associated with Black as it pertains to color and culture, Neffi Walker [founder of the brand] creates a space where black is celebrated all ways, in all ways," reads the brand's About Page. The shelf-worthy candles, ranging in scents from neroli, white musk, and jasmine, are made with a coconut wax blend and offer 60+ hours of burn time.

South Central Candle Co.

Inspired by Los Angeles, South Central Candle Co. has candles dedicated to city's well-known places like Crenshaw, Alondra, and Venice. Each is mixed with its own unique scent, often combining florals, citrus, and plenty of earthy notes. With over 40 scents, it'd be hard to find an aroma from South Central Candle Co. you don't fall in love with.

La Botica

If you identify as "chill," La Botica has your name written all over it. The brand, established by Dawn Marie West, is described on its About Page as evoking "the dreamy, effortless and undone." And the black tumblers — in both mini (7 ounces) and full size (11 ounces) — are just that. They are hand-poured and hand-made in New York City, and feature a mixture of warm, floral, and earthy scents. It shouldn't come as a surprise these are on pre-order as well, but you can expect them in 4-6 weeks after ordering.

Marie Burgos

For those that want their candle to look just as good as it smells, go no further than Marie Burgos. The ceramic candles come in a few different designs (most being a white color), and are always handmade for a unique look. While they do fall on the more luxury side in terms of pricing, they are worth it — if not for the jar then for the wood wick and seven varying scents.

Frères Branchiaux Candle Co.

Frères Branchiaux Candle Co. was created by three brothers in Washington, DC after their parents told them to get a job or start a business. And it's clear what route they took. The brand strives to make candles (and other home fragrances like diffusers, room sprays, and soaps) that are affordable and high quality. In an effort to honor the city the family calls home, the brand donates 10 percent of all profits to homeless shelters in the DC area.

Blk Sunflower

Blk Sunflower aims to teach customers the "importance of self-care of the mind, body and soul" through luxury sensory experiences. The brand carries sleek, handmade candles along with incense and sage, body care, and even jewelry, all of which include high-quality ingredients and materials at affordable prices.


Jackie Aina's new brand, FORVR Mood, was just started this August — and every candle sold out *fast.* It's easy to see why: Each one comes in a pastel-colored, Instagram-friendly vessel at an accessible price. While the line does offer some other in-stock self-care products, like silk headbands and pillowcases, if you're in the market for candles, you can sign up to get notified of their restock on each individual product's page.

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