Here's When You Can Shop Jackie Aina's Currently Sold-Out Candles

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Brandon Lundby
Jackie Aina's new brand, FORVR Mood.
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Beauty is a multifaceted industry, and Jackie Aina is a leader uniquely poised to thrive within its complexity. And Jackie Aina's new brand, FORVR Mood, adds just one more title to the Nigerian-American mega-influencer, makeup artist, and U.S. Army veteran's long list of achievements — which includes 3.5 million followers on YouTube alone. After all, FORVR Mood isn't a makeup brand, although that would've been perfectly on-brand for Aina. Rather, the mood is self-care.

"I created FORVR Mood for those who love what I do and want to try the things that I recommend on a daily basis that aren’t necessarily makeup-related," Aina explained in a press release. "FORVR Mood is all about making life easier. The vibe and mood of the brand is affordable luxury — accessible boujee!"

Still, FORVR Mood falls under beauty's expansive umbrella. The new venture launched with two unique offerings: scented candles ($35) and pure silk hair accessories ($28 to $49). "I’m a curly girl and a bit of a skincare fanatic. One of the reasons that I prefer a silk pillowcase is because of the benefits for your hair. As we know, cotton tends to dry out curly hair types. But, silk is also better for your skin," Aina tells The Zoe Report over email. "If you’re like me and spend a lot of money on your skin and haircare products, why would you want all of it to be left on your pillow?"

Courtesy of FORVR Mood

Conversely, the candles are for every part of your home (though Aina says she envisions the Caked Up and Cuffing Season candles in someone's bedroom). "Matcha Business was inspired by some of my favorite scents — lavender and coffee. It’s a very niche scent, but it has to be my favorite. Caked Up was inspired by a sweet dessert — like a cake pop — although it has more of a sophisticated scent," Aina explains. "I wanted to have a fragrance that wasn’t too masculine and wasn’t too feminine, so that is what inspired Cuffing Season. It’s meant to be romantic so you can burn with a partner and both enjoy. Left On Read is meant to be a comfort zone candle. If you got stood up or your plans got cancelled, you don’t want the remainder of the night to remind you of that, so light this candle to provide comfort on a lonely night."

Courtesy of FORVR Mood

While the candles are completely sold out, there are a few goodies currently left in stock on FORVR Mood's website. Shop them below, then mark your calendar for the candle restock this September.

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