Should You Be Taking More Than One Type Of Probiotic? Love Wellness Says Yes

Two new products just dropped.

Love Wellness
Love Wellness just launched two new types of probiotic supplements.

How much thought have you given to your daily probiotic? You’ve probably heard about the benefits this so-called “good bacteria” has for your gut, your skin, and more, but did you know they’re not all created equally? Lo Bosworth’s women’s wellness company might just have a solution for anyone who wants to be sure they’re targeting their specific health needs: Two new Love Wellness probiotic supplements just launched, and the brand used special technology to ensure your daily goes to work where you need (or want) it most.

In addition to their other offerings, including multivitamins, boric acid suppositories, and bloat-reducing digestive enzymes, Love Wellness already had a bestseller in their Good Girl Probiotics, which created with vaginal health in mind. Now, the brand continues with this theme of catering to the needs of your various microbiomes with the launch of two more types: Clear Skin Probiotics and Gut Feelings Probiotics. In creating these, the wellness company isolated specific strains, so users can choose what they want based on their needs.

If you’re looking for a supplement that’s good for your skin, the Clear Skin formula contains a combo of strains plus nutraceuticals they believe can make your complexion clearer, more hydrated, and less irritated. On the other hand, if you’re trying to improve your digestion, the Gut Feelings formula could be up your alley. It boasts prebiotics and postbiotics in addition to carefully chosen strains of probiotics that can get your gut health back on track (it can easily be thown off by certain foods, medicines, and other environmental factors). And according to experts, a happier gut doesn’t only mean less bloating — it can improve your mental health, too.

These days there are a number of ways you can get your probiotics — from foods you eat, to skin care, and even specially formulated sodas — but if your preferred method is a daily supplement that’s designed specifically for your gut, skin, or vaginal microbiome, Love Wellness’ offerings could be just right for your lifestyle. Ahead, learn a little more from Bosworth herself, and shop the brand’s latest products.

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