Love Wellness’ New Collagen Powder Helps Me Fake 8 Hours Of Sleep

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Love Wellness Call Me Collagen review

When it comes to skin care, fine — I’ll try just about anything, no matter how involved it may be. I’ll strap some electricity-conducting masks to my face, mix up tiny potions from mysterious ampoules in my palm, and apply more than a few creams that require both a prescription and the top two layers of my skin. But upon discovering one of the easiest shortcuts to that bouncy baby skin I so covet, one that takes me approximately 30 seconds and just one coffee, a reevaluation of my entire routine seems in order. Love Wellness’ new collagen powder, a mix-in formula that combines patented ingredient incorporation with game-changing efficiency for more hydrated skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails — and I can feel those top layers of skin practically weeping in relief.

Call Me Collagen is the latest release from Lo Bosworth’s juggernaut vitamin and wellness brand known for both its Insta-friendly rainbow bottles and piles of 5-star reviews. The line’s first collagen offering, each box comes with 15 single-serve tear sticks filled with a finely milled, tasteless powder that instantly dissolves into the liquid of your choice (or smoothie, for that matter) for a quick shot of peptide-infused collagen daily.

Love Wellness

To put it simply, collagen is the naturally occurring protein that helps form everything from nails to muscles, and it’s what is responsible for that plump, elastic skin associated with youth. As humans age, collagen production slows — and it typically starts in the mid-20s. Collagen powders and capsules can help make up that difference, often resulting in increased skin hydration and elasticity as well as invigorated hair growth and reduced nail breakage. But Call Me Collagen has a leg up on the competition, Bosworth shares.

“All the collagen brands out there require a heaping 20g of collagen per serving to show results and use massive tubs that aren't super environment-friendly,” Bosworth tells TZR. “With Call Me Collagen, we are giving collagen a much-needed upgrade, providing the first-ever collagen product that gives results with only 5g per serving (instead of 20g), meaning you can take less and still get optimal results.” She explains that reduced serving means the powder is significantly easier to mix into thinner liquids like a glass of water. “Lastly, we opted for recyclable, individual tear packs, which makes it super easy to grab-and-go.”

My personal history with collagen is hate-hate. In the past, I’ve tried them in both powder form and encapsulated within tiny oral supplements — despite all claiming to be taste-free, they decidedly were not. Trying to gag the collagen down without losing my breakfast in the process wasn’t the most fun way to start my mornings, so I was eager to try this version, with its scaled-down amount that seemed way more in line with my needs.

First of all, this is truly tasteless, even when mixed into a single glass of water — a claim I was genuinely dubious about before quickly eating (drinking?) my words. At this point, I’ve gone full mixologist and have tried Call Me Collagen in every beverage I could think of: water, green juice, a smoothie, a Diet Coke, some orange juice, a White Claw (you know, to counteract it), and coffee. They’ve all dissolved equally well and equally taste-free, meaning I can just throw a handful of packets in my bag knowing there will definitely be an opportunity to use them regardless of where I end up — and that’s exactly how Bosworth designed it to be. “Adding a new item to your routine can be overwhelming, so we knew it had to be easy and trustworthy, so we opted for a flavorless, clinically tested ingredient that (actually) dissolves really well, and comes in convenient, easy to use, recyclable tear sticks,” she says.

And as efficient as the actual consumption is, the results are equally great. Just a few weeks into near-daily use and my skin’s showing subtle but noticeable results, particularly apparent when I’m being otherwise “naughty”: staying up super late, mainlining dairy against my allergy’s wishes, etc. Despite a few weeks of fast and loose behavior, my skin looked like I was still getting my usual eight hours, particularly under my eyes which can look especially hollow even after just one late night.

It’s no surprise that this turned out to be so effective considering Bosworth’s track record with Love Wellness.

Though the line is just a few years old, it’s already a go-to name for vitamins and supplements all aimed at women’s health, often in underserved categories like sexual hygiene and wellness. And really, that’s Bosworth’s overarching commitment and goal with the whole collection: feeling good from the inside out, with more than a few beauty-boosting bonuses along the way.

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