Don’t Love The Taste Of Apple Cider Vinegar? Try This Supplement Instead

Good news for your gut health.

Bragg's just launched an apple cider vinegar supplement.

By now you’ve probably heard about all the alleged health benefits you could gain by consuming a daily dose of ACV, from clearer skin to improved digestion and more. But for some people, it’s either not so convenient or not exactly enjoyable (or neither) to take it in its liquid form. Sure there are ways you can manipulate the strongly flavored, super acidic wellness ingredient in recipes to make apple cider vinegar taste better, but for those who still find it hard to stomach or just inconvenient, there’s another solution: Bragg’s new apple cider vinegar supplements.

If, like wellness minded celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Kourtney Kardashian, you’re already an avid user of apple cider vinegar, you’re probably familiar with the brand Bragg, which is not only well known for ACV offerings (probiotic “Refreshers” and shots as well as the classic, straight-up version) but nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, organic olive oil, and sea kelp seasoning — all favorites of healthy eating households. Now, with the newly added supplements, it’s able to offer a super potent, tasteless, and travel-friendly version of ACV that will appeal to a whole new set of customers.

Bragg's CEO Linda Boardman explained to The Zoe Report that the supplement was first conceived during the pandemic, when the brand tried to hone in on and respond to its customers health needs. “Throughout the global pandemic, our consumers turned to us more than ever as a resource for tips and product solutions that would support their health objectives, making this year the perfect time to introduce a new way to achieve one’s daily dose of wellness,” she says. “Following a rigorous [research and development] process, we have translated the power of our liquid ACV into three convenient capsules that offer the only efficacious dose of an ACV supplement on the market.”


So what makes Bragg’s ACV supplements special? According to Boardman, it’s the potency of the acetic acid, the active ingredient scientifically proven to deliver on health benefits including maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels — and that’s something that similar products don’t currently offer. “To achieve the recommended daily dose of acetic acid, you need to take 750 milligrams per day,” she explains. “That’s a tablespoon of our liquid ACV, and with our supplements, just three capsules. We had a third party lab test 23 other ACV supplements and gummies on the market, and no other brand delivers anywhere near that dose in their recommended serving sizes. In fact in some cases you’d need to take 30 gummies to achieve what Bragg supplements do in those three capsules.”

As for who’s a good candidate to try out the new supplement, Boardman says they work well for individuals that live a fast-paced lifestyle, travel frequently, or simply don’t care for the taste of ACV. Bragg’s latest product just launched on June 24th, and is available through the brand’s website for $19.99.

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