This Buzzy Supplement Is Replacing Collagen This Year


It's hard to think there was ever a time when people weren't spiking their morning cup of coffee with MCT oil or adding a scoop of whey protein into a smoothie — and that's above and beyond all the things included in your daily multivitamin. Basically, supplements are everywhere these days and, every year, it seems like there's a buzzy new one that the wellness community is getting behind. And when it comes to the biggest supplement trends of 2020, while some might already be a part of your current regimen, others offering benefits like reducing inflammation or boosting your mood might be totally new to your vocabulary.

It's safe to say that 2019 was all about CBD tinctures and gummies for reducing anxiety, collagen powder for beauty benefits, and turmeric — especially those trendy golden milk lattes as a way to wind down. And if the experts are correct, this year's most popular supplements will bring even more to the table. Nutritionist Lisa Richards, who penned The Candida Diet is especially well-versed on the subject, and she's made a few predictions for what people are going to be trying in 2020. Looking for pain reduction? Improved cognitive function? Increased energy? There might be something among her five suggestions that's right for your lifestyle — but it's always advised that you check with your regular doctor first.

Bone Marrow

"Bone marrow supplements are rising in popularity and provide benefits from from skin health to reduced pain," says Richards. "This naturally occurring compound is nutrient dense which gives bone marrow its health benefits. The collagen and glucosamine content make it ideal for skin elasticity and inflammation. It’s a more natural, holistic solution than isolated collagen or glucosamine."


"Berberine is a compound that occurs naturally and is extracted from a variety of plants within the alkaloid family," explains the nutritionist and author. "It has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat ailments and health conditions [and] works the same way pharmaceutical drugs work by changing the function of cells once inside. Specifically, berberine promotes heart health, is anti-inflammatory, and promotes a healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract."


Move over turmeric, another vibrant yellow plant is going to be huge in 2020, according to Richards. "Saffron is sourced from the beautiful and exotic Crocus sativus flower," she says. "The use of saffron for medicinal purposes includes a wide variety of uses such as for mood enhancement, increased energy, and a boosted metabolism."


According to the expert, nootropics (otherwise known as "smart drugs" or cognitive enhancers) is a term you'll be hearing a lot more this year, especially with supplements like citicoline and Alpha GPC gaining popularity. "In its natural form, [citicoline] it is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body and produced by the brain. It is primarily used to improve and prevent cognitive decline, like memory," Richards says. "It has also been found to be useful in glaucoma and aid in stroke recovery. Alpha GPC [is another] chemical that is naturally occurring. [It is] found in plants, primarily soy, and is a fatty acid byproduct when the plant breaks down. It has been shown most effective in treating a range of cognitive disorders from memory and learning to dementia and Alzheimer's. Like Citicoline, it is also helpful in stroke recovery."


Richards describes this anti-aging supplement as category of supplements as having wide range of health benefits for the body. "The most common of their functions include reducing inflammation, improving immune function, lowering blood pressure, and helping prevent blood clots — and they're naturally antimicrobial and act as antioxidants," she says. "The most common peptide supplement is collagen, but 2020 may bring more variety in supplement form."