This Wellness-Focused Dating App Is Made For Those Who Prioritize Healthy Living

Find your forever fitness buddy.

Ateam dating app fitness wellness

They say opposites attract, but relationship experts would also argue that having something in common with your romantic partner can help to create a long-lasting connection. And if you’re dating online, most of the available platforms allow you to find matches based on that idea: Musical interests and other hobbies, deal breakers, and even love languages are all criteria you can use to estimate if the two of you will be compatible. Now, a whole new digital option has launched with an even more niche approach. ateam is a dating app that’s specifically geared towards the wellness-minded set, so if fitness and healthy living is an important part of who you are — and who you’re looking for — it could be useful tool for helping you find love, friendship, or at the very least a great workout buddy.

ateam was founded by Dan Ilani, a former entertainment lawyer, talent agent, and producer, and Megan Baldwin, a creative director who’s worked with brands including Hello Sunshine and Mirror. A love story in itself, the two connected during their after work runs and now are not only engaged, but expecting a child together. Ilani dreamed up the idea after burnout led him on a health journey and he sought more connection within this new community. “Studio workout classes and running paths became magnetic forces of energy for me, surrounded by so much positivity,” he tells TZR. “But actually meeting and connecting with people in these spaces for friendships, networking or dating wasn't so easy. It didn't make sense to me that here I was, surrounded by like-minded people who shared my lifestyle rhythms, mindset, and even neighborhood but then all these people go home and swipe on random apps that try to connect you based on algorithms rather than shared sense of community. On a morning run, while passing so many people who shoot quick smiles, nods or glances, the idea for ateam was born.”


So what makes ateam different from other dating apps? “First and foremost, we are all about a curated community of like-minded people,” Ilani says. “We aren't trying to make the world's best algorithm, instead we are bringing humans who care about health, wellness, and fitness onto a single platform to meet each other. So, you can finally meet that person you chatted with after spin class but never actually talk to.” About that curated part: ateam is a membership-only health community, so you must fill out an application that’s reviewed by a staff of wellness experts and become accepted to join. That said, the app claims to be committed to inclusivity within this cultivated community — so while all members are dedicated to healthy lifestyles in some respect, there’s also diversity to keep things exciting and challenging.

Once accepted, members pay $14 a month flat rate (no add-ons for special features) and you’ll receive weekly invites to exclusive workouts and wellness events via partners like Y7, MNDFL, and Precision by Equinox. And of course you’ll be able to connect with other members locally — or globally, depending on your level of openness. From there you can meet up for smoothie dates, scenic hikes, or try each other’s favorite workouts to determine if you’re otherwise well-matched. And if it doesn’t work out? Well, at least you squeezed in a little extra wellness.