The 3-Ingredient Summer Smoothie You Need To Try ASAP

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Every season has its botanical stars. Fall is known for pumpkin everything, winter is rife with cranberries, and spring is great for apricot treats. Summer has its produce du jour as well, with fruits and veggies like peaches, strawberries, cherries, and watermelon taking center stage as the solstice begins. And what better way to enjoy these natural goods than in a delicious (and easy-to-assemble) summer smoothie?

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Yes, the blended trend that has dominated the wellness industry over the past decade is popular in general due to the fact that it allows you to throw multiple good-for-you ingredients into one delicious whipped package in a matter of minutes. That said, the chilly treat definitely hits a high note during the sweltering summer months when easy, no-heat options are ideal. "I find smoothies to be more trendy and popular during the summer months because they are cooling, refreshing, quick, and easy to make, says plant-based wellness expert Chelsea Williams, MPH, CCPH.

Vegan lifestyle blogger Stephanie Williams says she opts for a smoothie packed with summer fruits like cherries, nectarines, peaches, and watermelon first thing in the morning. "It's kind of like having dessert for breakfast," says Stephanie. "But smoothies are also great to have as an afternoon snack."


Catherine McCord, founder of lifestyle blog Weelicious and author of The Smoothie Project, says seasonal produce makes for ideal smoothie-making. "During the summer, everything is so sweet and juicy," says McCord to TZR. "There's the perfect types of plums, peaches, and these really fresh ingredients."

And, despite all the options at your fingertips, smoothies don't need to be complicated. "Keeping it simple is the main part," says Matthew J. Dugan C.E.C., Corporate Executive Chef for Vitamix. "Overthinking a smoothie normally leads to not only more prep, but competing flavors and an off-putting end result. One part liquid (I like Vitamix-made Oat Milk), one part fresh fruit (possibly some fresh pitted cherries), and one part frozen (frozen diced mango) would make a good textured smoothie that would satisfy especially during the summer months. Maybe add in a small knob of ginger for a punch of flavor with some beneficial side effects."

No matter your taste profile or when you choose to consume it, rest assured there's a cool summer smoothie calling your name. Ahead, nine easy-to-make options that require just a few ingredients (that are probably in your fridge right now) and star the top fruits and veggies of summer. Get your blender ready.

Easy Summer Smoothies: Watermelon, Coconut Water, Fresh Mint


"I like to include more detoxifying vegetables such as cucumber, mint, and cilantro," says Chelsea, who pairs mint and watermelon for the perfect summer smoothie.

Easy Summer Smoothies: Plum, Blackberries, Basil, Coconut Water


"I prefer to include stone fruit such as plums, peaches, apricots, and cherries because they are lighter in flavor," says Chelsea, who counts this four-ingredient creation as another fave.

Easy Summer Smoothies: Avocado, Goji Berry, Spinach, Banana, Coconut Yogurt, Coconut Water


This refreshing pick from Chelsea includes a few year-round staples — goji berries and coconut water — which the wellness pro says should be stocked in every smoothie-loving kitchen.

Easy Summer Smoothies: Banana Date


"The perfect quick and easy summer smoothie would have to be one to two bananas with a handful of spinach, 1 Medjool date, 1 tbsp. of peanut butter (almond butter if you’re allergic to peanuts), and some water or non-dairy milk blended," says Stephanie. "It’s quick, delicious, and well-rounded. You have protein and fat from your peanut butter, carbs from your fruit, and your leafy greens."

Easy Summer Smoothies: Cotton Candy


"You can use fresh or frozen strawberries," says McCord of this seasonal treat that consists of the popular summer fruit, cauliflower florets, your milk of choice, vanilla yogurt, and honey.

Easy Summer Smoothies: Peach Protein


Are you a peach fan? You'll love this filling pick from McCord's The Smoothie Project, which includes fresh or frozen peach slices, dates, flax seeds, chia seeds, protein powder, and almond milk.

Easy Summer Smoothies: Hint Of Mint

Courtesy of Vitamix

"I always have some spinach, homemade almond milk, ginger, frozen strawberries, mango, and banana on hand," says Dugan, who loves this healthy refresher when things are particularly sweltering. "With that I can make just about anything — either an amped-up green smoothie, something for after a workout, or a mid-day treat that will get me through those 'lulling' hours."

Easy Summer Smoothies: Tropical Yogurt Freeze

Courtesy of Vitamix

Smoothies don't necessarily need to be sipped! Whip up dessert with this simple alternative to ice cream, featuring the best fruits summer has to offer. "Frozen dessert recipes are easy to make, seasonally delicious, and won’t ever have you buying store-bought again," says Dugan.

Easy Summer Smoothies: Strawberry Yogurt Freeze

Courtesy of Vitamix

Featuring only two ingredients, this fro-yo smoothie can be done in minutes and help keep you cool! "Temperature plays a big role in this, but most notably, people are more active," says Dugan. "I think smoothies go hand-in-hand with feeling healthy, rejuvenating your internal systems, especially during the summertime."

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