This Cool Manifestation Trick Involves Home Decor

Try it in 2022.

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2022 vision board

With 2021 coming to a close, many are busy setting their goals and resolutions for 2022 and making vision boards to visually reflect them. If this is you, here's one intention-setting and manifestation tip you may not have heard of before: vision boards don't necessarily have to be actual boards. By adorning your home with items and an aesthetic that represents the dreams, goals, and desires you'd like to call into your life, your home can serve as a tangible intention for the year ahead.

"Most people underestimate the impact your physical environment has on how you feel," says Laina Caltagirone, a life and empowerment coach and spiritual teacher, adding that your ability to bring your goals to fruition is greatly affected by how you feel. "Everything carries energy —from the colors you use to artwork, to decor. It is all connected, and you can use this to your advantage by bringing certain things into your environment and arranging your home and space to reflect things you'd like to draw into your life."

This principle of creating a space that reflects your intentions is also rooted in modern-day Feng Shui, which Laura Cerrano, a certified Feng Shui consultant and CEO and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan, Inc, defines as "a healing modality that allows you to take a step back to acknowledge where you are in the current moment, while simultaneously shifting your perspective to what is possible and participating in that change." So, by treating your home as a life-size, live-in vision board, she says, you can create and immerse yourself in an environment that is supportive of your goals.

With that in mind, keep scrolling for tips on how to transform your space to reflect and attract your 2022 dreams and desires.

Take Inventory

Before you start making any physical changes to your space, start by simply taking inventory of the things that are already present. "Look at your home environment with completely fresh eyes," Caltagirone says. "Assess what you currently have. What items and things feel like an old or outdated version of you? What no longer feels aligned? If you ask yourself these questions as you move through your home, you will intuitively know what things need to be cleared out or upgraded."

Cerrano offers another way to approach this using Feng Shui’s Bagua Map, which she explains serves as an energy map of your home that "teaches you how to become more connected to the consciousness of your space." The Bagua Map is divided into nine life categories: career, love, wisdom (i.e. what do you want to learn or share), travel, health (mental, emotional, and physical), children and creativity, family, reputation, and wealth. "By [superimposing] the Bagua Map over your entire home's floor plan, you can begin to observe the various areas within your home and see how they correspond to certain life sections that may require some sprucing up to help optimize the energy," Cerrano says.

Clear Out What Doesn't Serve You

“As you grow and evolve, you also outgrow certain things,” Caltagirone says. “You may realize that the space you are in, the physical items, and decor in your home are not reflective of who you are and, most importantly, who you want to be and where you want to go.” So, the next step is to — you guessed it — declutter.

"The act of decluttering provides benefits to your physical space, as well as your emotional and mental landscapes," Cerrano says, adding that (again) using the Bagua Map for this can help provide clarity around what areas of your home need enhancing. "For example, if you have a lot of clutter in your relationship corner, this takes on the metaphor of possibly hindering healthy developing connections with others and yourself."

Set Your Intentions

Once you've created some literal and energetic space in your home, Caltagirone and Cerrano recommend getting clear on what you want to create, achieve, and attract into your life in the new year and setting intentions around those things. Specifically, Caltagirone recommends tapping into how you want to feel in the new year — whether it's feeling peaceful, inspired, wealthy, happy, or joyful. Write it all down.

Bring In Elements That Align With Your Desires

Here comes the fun part: Decorating your home with things that serve as physical reminders and representations of your desires. This part is subjective and will look different for everyone. For instance, if you’re craving peace and happiness, Caltagirone suggests incorporating more neutral earth tones and crystals. For money and abundance, she points to bringing in lush plants and items that feel luxurious to you, such as candles and blankets. Calling in love and romance? "Make sure your home feels welcoming," Caltagirone says. "If your soulmate came over next week, would they feel at home?" Or, maybe you're ready to level up your career in 2022, in which case Caltagirone says giving your home office or workspace a makeover is in order.

From a Feng Shui perspective, Cerrano recommends bringing in natural elements (fire, earth, water, metal, wood) as well that correspond with the sections of the Bagua Map to enhance the energy in that section of your life. The wealth and abundance section, for instance, is associated with the element of wood. So incorporating things like real or faux plants or botanical artwork in that area of your home will pump up the abundant vibes. Cerrano advises using the real element if possible or a visual representation of it and choosing things that you love and have a connection with and symbolically align with your new year's intentions.

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