This Zara Shopping Hack Will Change The Way You Shop


When it comes to finding the most popular trends of the season, there are few sources more reliable than Zara. Sure, Instagram is definitely up there on the list of best places to discover what you’re going to be buying in a few months, but the ridiculously popular retailer repeatedly shines when it comes to predicting the biggest trends of the season before anyone else — and the brand knows it.

Take, for example, the most recent categories that popped up under the brand’s "Woman" section of the site. Among its typical sections (i.e. Dresses, Tops, Shoes — you get the idea) now sit a few more specific collections of fall trends that the retailer has curated for easy shopping for the trend-hungry crowd.

You may have noticed these temporary curated sections before — they’re by no means hidden and are definitely intended for shoppers to quickly find the items Zara wants them to know about. What you may not have noticed, however, is the fact that those new sections (which are updated frequently) are trends that are about to make their big debut onto the scene each season. Here's a screenshot of their site:


This time around, the retailer is highlighting a few very extra trends that should be high on your radar for fall — specifically, retro aesthetics (think '70s styles), metallics, checks and plaids, and scarf print (as in the popular prints you often see on silk scarves). Sorry minimalists, but this season clearly isn't the one for simplicity. These bold, eye-catching moments fit in perfectly with the blindingly bright colors like lime green and fuchsia popping up in every store.

Ahead are just a few of the pieces Zara's highlighting on its site under the new categories it's created. But keep in mind — the brand adds new styles to its site and its stores twice a week, so this definitely won't be the last of the trends to look out for. From elegant blouses to bold plaid skirts, here are the pieces to shop now before Zara drops the next round of styles you need to add to your overflowing shopping cart.