Zara Home’s Spring 2019 Collection Has Everything You Need To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Oasis


If the general population's current obsession with Marie Kondo's Netflix show is any indication, it's safe to say that almost everyone is trending toward a simpler, more serene design aesthetic at home. And if that's the style you're hoping to create in your spaces this season, you're in luck, because Zara Home's Spring 2019 collection is all about curating pieces that create a sense of calm and comfort — because shouldn't that be what home is all about?

Zara Home just dropped its first Spring/Summer 2019 editorial, and it's full of affordable yet luxurious home furnishings and accessories that are ideal for creating a feeling of zen from the moment you step through the door. Just how does the brand suggest decorating for such a vibe? The answer is simple, clean lines, natural fibers and textures, and luxe yet understated finishing touches.

And while the collection boasts a curation of items for nearly every room in your home, the bulk of the buys are centered on creating a calm, inviting bedroom — which makes sense, considering it's the space you most likely settle down in when trying to catch some zen. From cozy bedding to uncomplicated decorative elements, Zara Home lays out everything you need to cut through the noise (that just leaves eliminating clutter up to you).

For the upcoming season, Zara's suggesting simple, yet luxe bedding in crisp, neutral shades of white, cream, beige, and grey. Take your pick between cool, breezy linen or silky satin sheet sets, each $99.90 for a queen-sized bed. They'll keep cool to the touch throughout the night, so you'll wake up feeling calm and rested.

Embellish your bed with simple throw pillows, like this checked cotton decorative pillow, $35.90, and a sumptuously soft cashmere throw blanket, $399. Keep the color palette uncomplicated and cool by sticking to the same shades across each element.

To add enough interest to the room — after all, serene and simple doesn't equal basic — look for decor that's derived from nature then given a subtly glam touch. A black marble nightstand, $199, with brushed gold legs feels refined, but unfussy. And a woven jute rug, $319, feels natural underfoot, while grounding the space and pulling it all together. Display some fresh-cut greenery on your bedside table in an asymmetrical glass vase, like this one for $35.90, or place a potted plant atop your dresser. The greens give off a fresh, lively vibe, and tie in well with the rest of your natural, peace-inducing pieces.

Distract yourself from winter's currently-enduring reign by getting a head start on sprucing up your home for spring with Zara Home's chic and comfortable collection. Keep scrolling to shop some of the best pieces for the bedroom, below, to make a space even Marie Kondo would find serene.

Black Marble Table

Zara Home

Marble feels luxe, but understated when rendered in black with brushed gold legs. Used as a sidetable, it makes your bedside feel a little more glam.

Washed Linen Pillowcase

Zara Home

Washed linen feels breezy and lightweight, and keeps your pillow cool at night.

Washed Linen Flat Sheet

Zara Home

A linen sheet feels gauzy and light, ideal for keeping cool all night long.

Cashmere Fringed Blanket

Zara Home

Nothing feels more luxe to wrap up in than a fringed cashmere throw, in a cool neutral color.

Rectangular Jute Rug

Zara Home

Natural textures, like jute, feel comfortable and familiar underfoot — and go with nearly any color palette.

Large Flowerpot with Gold Base

Zara Home

This simple, modern flowerpot can be filled on either end, so you can place your plant of choice in the gold or white basin.

Premium Cotton Bathrobe

Zara Home

Want to feel like you're having an at home spa day, every day? A luxe cotton robe is a must-have.

Irregular Decorative Wodden Object

Zara Home

Stow scarves, accessories, or mementos in this decorative wooden bowl, which sets a very nature-inspired tone.

Checked Cotton Pillow Cover

Zara Home

Subtle, simple designs on decorative pillows add elements of interest, without messing up your serene vibes.

Irregular Glass Vase

Zara Home

A simple, but slightly unrefined glass vase creates a natural-feeling vessel for lots of fresh greenery.

Satin Flat Sheet With Piping

Zara Home

Satin feels silky smooth and soft against skin — so comfy you'll feel like you've checked into a spa hotel.