Why Armani Beauty’s Madisin Rian Wants You To Go Bald, Too

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The Madisin Rian you're used to seeing is the one who glides down the runways of Zimmerman or Miu Miu, graces Rihanna's 2019 Diamond Ball red carpet clad in Iris van Herpen, and appears in beachside photoshoots for this very site. But when Madisin Rian, Armani Beauty spokesmodel, is away from the spotlight, she's, well, just like us — unwinding in her Brooklyn, NY apartment with a good book, a glass of red, and Summer Walker blasting. This explains why her best beauty tips revolve around maintaining inner-peace, rather than what makes her look beautiful on the outside.

After all, when you're jet-setting around the world and appearing in publications like Vogue Portugal and Marie Claire Australia, finding moments of relaxation are particularly important. That's why Rian is taking more time for herself at every chance she gets, especially before fashion month commences. "Taking baths and cooking comfort dishes have been my favorite things to do this winter," the St. Louis, MO native tells me over coffee on Dec. 13. "I'm all about the vibes, and cooling out."

So if you're curious how this supermodel manages to stay so radiant all of the time, keep on reading.

On Making History With Armani Beauty

"Oh my God it, was life-changing," Rian says about being asked to be the face luxury Italian makeup brand in spring 2018 — the first Black woman to hold that honor. "It's still it’s so surreal to me because everything since then has felt like a dream. I’m so honored and I feel like that alone is going to open up so many more doors for other Black women."

And when she thinks about everything that Armani Beauty stands for, she's humbled for the opportunity. "It’s classic, it’s timeless, everything I aim to be. I feel like Armani Beauty is made for the confident, strong woman."

On Going Bald & Not Looking Back

"Every woman should do it at least once in their lifetime," she says about the bold decision. "There's something so beautiful about experiencing what happens when you actually do it." For Rian, who took the plunge in 2017, the bare head awakened a level of liberation she'd never imagined. "Women in general are judged by our hair, we’re defined by our hair, and it's especially that way for Black women in this industry. I just felt like I wanted to be free of all limitations, and the second I cut my hair it was so liberating because I felt like my most authentic self, I didn't have hair to hide under."

The choice was also one that she felt went against the norms of society. "It definitely went against what women 'should do' and what women 'should not' do. But the reality is that we can do everything. Things shouldn’t have to be so limited. And the same goes for men. I love man buns."

On Her Minimalistic Skincare Routine

"To be honest, I don’t have a routine," she shockingly revealed. "I believe that having the right diet and drinking water, and taking care of your body is the best routine ever. Staying in good health is my trick." And on the rare occasion that she is indulging in an at-home spa day, she opts for simple ingredients. "I sometimes like to use natural products like coconut oil and argan oil, but that's pretty much it."

And as expected, that minimalist approach deepened after cutting her hair. "It’s like a dream because I don’t really have to worry about the hair anymore. I don't stress about getting my hair wet while washing my face. I literally wash and that's it," she says.

On Her Minimal Makeup Routine

"I’m the natural makeup girl, so my everyday routine means foundation, a little powder, maybe a little lipstick, and just like a nice natural brow and a light mascara," she says. And when it comes to her foundation of choice it's Armani Beauty's legendary Luminous Silk foundation, a dewy, medium-coverage foundation that she applies with her fingertips. "I believe that you have become one with the foundation, so I like to massage the formula into my skin. I find I get a more natural finish when I do that."

On Her Biggest Inspirations

"My mother, my aunts, my grandmother... they were just so into fashion and beauty," she says. "They were just strong black women that never stepped out without having themselves together so they raised me to be my best, look my best, and feel my best. Having them as an example is how I actually grew into who I am today."

On The Importance Of Sisterhood

It's no secret that diversity in the beauty and fashion industries is a work in progress, and it's for that reason that Rian stands firm in her stance that women have to stick together. "It’s unfortunate because there’s very few slots for women of color. It can be hard which is why it’s so competitive. The love is there, but at the same time we’re all fighting for the same opportunities so it’s harder," she says. "But if we don’t support each other then how will anyone support us?"

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