Patrick Starrr Says No Full Glam Look Is Complete Without This


When Patrick Starrr announced that he'd be launching his own makeup line, ONE/SIZE, in July of this year, the assumption was that it'd be chock-full of energetic glitters, high-octane highlighters, and out-of-this-world eyeshadows. These are of course, all things synonymous with Starrr's always glamorous appearance. However, influencer Patrick Starrr surprised us all when the first launch was actually makeup removers, and the next launch is equally as practical.

I found out from Starrr himself late last month when we chatted via Zoom. While I was bare-faced in a hoodie, Starr, of course, was in full glam. Alongside a full-beat face, Starrr donned a large, pink dress, signature headdress, and behind him, a backdrop of pink clouds. But while he has an affinity for the extras, he's most passionate about the beauty basics. "As someone so entrenched in beauty, I'm very much all about my staples," Starrr tells TZR. "It's always been so important for me to think of what people use on a day-to-day basis. So I wanted everyday essentials with larger than-life-performances. I took notes from how I do my makeup and how my friends do their makeup, and that's how I developed these great products. I began with my Go-Off Makeup Remover Mist, and now it's time for another staple." On Nov. 9, Starrr will be dropping the Ultimate Setting Powder, a soft-matte formula available in two universal shades. "My formula has a 14-hour wear, is super-fine, and makes for a soft focus. We all want to look perfect, and this helps with that. Even better, there's no flashback or white cast, nobody wants to be looking crazy."

But that's not all that's coming: Falsies are also on the horizon. "Lashes are like the cape to my superhero. They make me fly," Starrr says. "You know how you've got Superman in his cape? Well, you've also got Patrick Starrr in his lashes." That's why, it's only right that another one of Starrr's upcoming launches is a falsie. "They're called Full-On Faux lashes," he says. "As with most of the brand, they're cruelty free, comfortable, and super-fluttery. They change my face instantly, and it's just such a game-changer for me and my Patrick Starrr glamour."

And he says that that "Patrick Starrr glamour" has evolved greatly during quarantine. "Being indoors has allowed me more time to practice and try these new trends that the kids are doing," he says. "It gets me so excited to actually have the opportunity to sit down and learn, it's been fun." He said places like TikTok have served as a place of education. "I've learned how to make my makeup more HD friendly," he says. "It's been great finding techniques that work for me that include sculpting my face, highlighting, contouring, and defining my eyebrows."

Starrr also says that the change of pace has allowed him to give his undivided attention to ONE/SIZE. "I'm a beauty lover through and through," he says. "I'm infatuated with beauty and to have this free time because of quarantine has been so rewarding."

The added downtime has also created more time to reflect on the sources of his love for the industry. "My biggest beauty inspirations are everyone," he says. "I haven't pinpointed just one person as my beauty inspiration because I never want it to limit myself." Starrr says that social media continues to reinforce this. "Social media has been a portal of inspiration for me because I'm able to see what other forms of beauty are out there on a larger scale," he says. "If I were to just find one person as an inspiration, that goes against my mission as a person. My fans, the people that are in my DMs, they're my inspiration."

He's projected that inclusivity through the continued expansion of ONE/SIZE. "I have been very fortunate to have Sephora behind me helping me redefine beauty," he says. "I'm able to elevate the voices of people that feel unheard or feel unseen and have been able to create a space for everyone. I want everyone to feel like they're welcomed in my movement. I'm the founder and the face of this brand called appropriately called ONE/SIZE and when I look at my DNA, I wanted to infuse as much of me into my brand."

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