This Camouflage Trend Has Nothing To Do With Blending In


Truth: I own precisely zero camouflage items. No jackets, no cargo pants, no puffers, no tees — nada. Over the years I've waxed poetic about how the tough pattern can be made chic with strategic styling ideas from favorites like Kaia Gerber and Victoria Beckham, but have yet to take a whack at the camouflage trend myself (I know, such a fraud!). Perhaps it's thanks to my pared-down wardrobe full of solid neutral separates, or perhaps I was still a little intimidated. Whatever the case, this year it's all changing. Why? Because I'm finally convinced that in 2019, the camouflage trend is achievable thanks to a fresh batch of styling tricks — plus, some killer outfit ideas from women who have style that is both aspirational and accessible (the A-team, if you will). Add to that the fact that designers like Valentino and Victoria Beckham have added the pattern to their collections, and it's all the reasoning I need.

Still not convinced? Perhaps a little styling inspiration will change your mind. To pull off a successful look that incorporates a pop of camo, don't overthink it. "Camo is a super versatile print," Los Angeles-based stylist Sarah Schussheim says. "You can treat it either as a main print in your wardrobe and pair some camo pants with a great simple cashmere sweater. On the other hand, you can also treat it as a neutral and toss a light camo jacket over anything, really! Stripes, plaid, solids..." To help illustrate the versatility of this on-the-rise print, scroll down for eight ways to wear the camouflage trend right now and shop the outfits you like best to get started.

Baseball Cap + Camo Jacket + Sequin Dress + Sneakers


This is the type of quirky-cool outfit where you may not have thought it up yourself but once you've seen it you must wear it. The reason it works so well is because it hits the ideal balance between sporty and whimsical—a street style look at its finest. If a full sequin dress seems too much, consider a hint of sparkle to balance out your camo instead.

Long Sleeve Tee + Camo Pants + Sneakers


Give your camouflage a relaxed approach and style a pair of patterned pants with a slim white tee and neutral-hued sneakers. For an extra hint of polish, consider finishing the ensemble off with a crisp, tailored blazer.

Statement Coat + Striped Top + Camo Pants


While at first thought mixing and matching multiple prints and hues may seem overwhelming, sometimes it's all that layering that helps an outfit feel less haphazard and more like you put it all together very purposefully. A statement coat along with a simple striped tee and camo pants makes for a surprisingly successful (and simple) formula.

Camo Jacket + Hoodie + Dark-Wash Jeans


If you lean toward a sportier aesthetic, then wear your camo jacket with a solid hoodie layered underneath and a pair of slim jeans below. A pair of heels will polish things off, but if it's particularly cold out, consider swapping for a heeled pair of boots instead.

Denim Jacket + Striped Top + Camo Pants


Further proof that stripes are a fantastic print to complement camouflage. Team the two patterns with a sleek denim jacket and pointed-toe pumps for an unexpectedly cool (and professional) office outfit.

Plaid Puffer + Graphic Tee + Camo Pants


Weekends are for keeping it comfortable and casual so why not wear your camo pants with a plaid puffer and graphic tee? Sneakers make for the ideal piece to finish off your outfit, though adding a scarf and beanie isn't out of the question either.

Camo Jacket + Bright Sweater + Track Pants

Wayne Tippetts/Shutterstock

If a literal camo print feels a little too tough for you, try a more abstract interpretation of the pattern. Keep the rest of your outfit simple — think sleek track pants or slim trousers. It's a decidedly low-key take on the trend.

Rainbow Sweater + Striped Tee + Camo Pants + Combat Boots


This one goes out to all the grunge-loving gals. Style a pair of combat boots with camo pants, a colorful jumper, and striped tee for a '90s-inspired look that's equal parts cool and cozy.