Victoria Beckham Is Making This Early Aughts Print Cool Again — Here’s How

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Modern fashion is moving right along through bygone decades. Now that the '90s have been in style for a while, Victoria Beckham is declaring early aughts trends "in" again — and when this Spice Girl-turned-designer says something is on-trend, the fashion industry listens. Victoria Beckham's camouflage jacket will make you miss your high school wardrobe.

On Thurs., the former pop singer merged several old-school trends into one outfit. She wore an oversized camo-print jacket with cargo pockets paired with '80s-style stirrup pants — yes, really — that she pulled over the heel of her pointy-toed booties.

It's safe to assume the throwback jacket is a glimpse into one of Victoria Beckham's collections to come, considering the British designer almost exclusively wears her own label and has actually worn several yet-to-be-released looks within the past week.

Perhaps she gathered inspiration from her son Brooklyn's style with the copious amounts of camo featured in her 2019 Resort collection, including a camo-print t-shirt (that she also wore out recently) and matching pencil skirt, a camo-paneled peacoat, a camo-inspired handbag, and more. The fashion mogul has somehow made this old-school print look effortlessly elegant by working it into classic pieces. The coat she sported on Thurs. is your average retro military cargo jacket with a Beckham twist.

James Devaney/GC Images

The 44-year-old has included camo coats in her line before. Her Spring/Summer 2018 collection featured a leather-pocketed field jacket that she showed off in an Instagram post in Sept. Other designers have been working the retro print into their recent looks, too.

Zadig, Voltaire, Jeremy Scott, and Michael Kors all featured camo in their Spring/Summer 2018 runway shows — from cargo boots to feminine dresses, crop tops, jackets, and everything in between. Since then, Poppy Delevingne, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Bella Hadid have sported the trend.

While camo has long been synonymous with cargo and grunge, Beckham's latest ensemble is proof that the retro print can look high-end, too. When incorporating the trend into your own wardrobe, ease into it by sticking with the classic, neutral palette. You can certainly find a camo print in any color, but the traditional beige, black, and olive green combo simply goes with everything. Play it safe with an all-black getup like Beckham's or add a subtle pop of color if you're feeling bold.

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