The $19 Accessory Every It-Girl Is Wearing This Winter


Winter, in all its frigidly cold splendor, is a time of year that calls for sartorial creativity. When you're swaddled in scarves and coats like a little wool burrito it's a challenge to sprinkle in elements that feel particularly stylish. That's where accessories can make all the difference: Beanies, sunglasses, gloves, and bright socks all contribute to piecing together a winter outfit that feels masterfully polished and playful. And this season, one accessory in particular seems to have taken the style set by storm because as of late ladies all across Instagram have all discovered where to buy printed tights that are really dang cute.

You're probably no stranger to the logo tights trend — designers like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Fendi have all included them in their collections of late. But as is the case with many runway trends, it takes a couple of seasons for a statement piece to trickle down from the top. Right now, there is no pair of tights as buzzy though, as those by Saks Potts. With all that in mind, the idea of swapping out your tried and true black opaque tights may sound inadvisable, but there is a strong chance once you see the looks below you may have a change of heart.

In nine effortlessly cool outfits, you'll not only see why this is a trend worth wearing right now, but you'll also learn where to buy printed tights for yourself. From an athleisure-inspired weekend-ready ensemble to an alluring look that'll totally translate for your next date night, head on downward to see and shop hail-worthy hosiery.


For the fashion fanatic, this look should entice. Style a bold frock atop a pair of contrasting printed tights and finish off the outfit with your favorite sporty sneakers. Wear it to brunch, wear it to a party, wear it wherever, really.


Heading out the door? Don't forget to include a pair of printed tights. They tie the look together, as witnessed by this adorable glossy coat and tall boots situation above.


If you were wary about wearing printed tights to work, then take a peek at this ultra-professional outfit. A black blazer and pleated skirt look perfect alongside a white tee, printed tights, and pointed-toe pumps. #Hired


The everlasting appeal of a velvet dress and tights is illustrated by Sabina Socol's sweet, simple look. With New Year's Eve around the corner, it's the perfect ensemble to have in your back pocket.


There's really no reason not to own a pair of bejeweled tights; as you can see, they entirely make the outfit.


If your trench coat is feeling too stiff or preppy rotate a printed tight into the mix for an instant fix.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

When it's cold out you often have to tuck some of your favorite pieces away till it's warm enough to wear them, like a slit skirt. However, if you've got a pair of printed tights handy this look shows how to team the two together in an unexpected (and stylish) way.


Weather permitting, accessorize a retro-inspired mini skirt with printed tights and block heels.

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Test your print-mixing skills with a patterned blazer or dress worn with your tights—the more clashing the better, right?

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