This Wallpaper From Anthropologie Was Made For Minimalists


Your bedroom is (usually) the first space you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last one you see before you go to bed. That said, the vibe of your boudoir can really set the tone for your energy and mood on a daily basis, so all the more reason to make it a tranquil, beautiful, grounding, and inspiring place to exist. And if you're in the market to re-do yours for the new year, one particular home decor item might just be the thing to bring in the change you're craving: wallpaper. In fact, by using various bedroom wallpaper ideas, you can actually create a major impact.

When it comes to your bedroom decor, there are a ton of ways to play with your wall space, like adding a gallery wall with photos and art or creating an accent wall with paint, but the addition of wallpaper is an especially bold way to bring in color and pattern. You may have already written off wallpaper because it feels like too much of a commitment or too much work, or it's not how you envision your space. But with so many different companies evolving the options for this product, there's probably a wallpaper out there to meet your needs and interests. As Los Angeles based interior designer Kaitlin McHugh of Kait Joseph design studio explains, "Wallpaper comes in an inexhaustible variety — endless palettes, patterns, and textures — making it easy to find something that truly suits you."

And while Joseph admits that she has a preference for bedrooms that embrace a more subdued and therefore sleep-conducive mood, they should still feel true to you. "Though I would encourage fostering coziness, peace and tranquility in the bedroom, it should still reflect your personality," she says. And wallpaper can be a tool to do just that. Ahead, find a few reasons you might want to consider trying it out in your room, straight from the design guru herself — plus a few products to get you inspired.

Add Interest

"In the bedroom we aim to add interest without disrupting the harmony of the space," McHugh explains. "Wallpaper excels at adding texture, color, and depth to a room." One fun way to play with this is by using wallpaper as a mural, which can create a major statement in any room.

Get A Lot For A Little

Yes, wallpaper can be pricey — but lots of brands are starting to offer super affordable solutions. And besides that, even if you do find a version that's not exactly cheap, you can use it sparingly and smartly so you're getting a major impact without spending a ton. McHugh suggests a less-is-more approach for those who want to stick to a budget. "Wallpaper can be used as emphasis or to create a focal point; you could create a headboard with a beautiful wallpaper," she offers.

No Need To Commit

Applying wallpaper can feel like a huge commitment, which is why easily removable versions are such a great option. As McHugh explains, "Temp-paper and peel-and-stick decals are an excellent low risk way to transform your space." No harm, no foul.

Create A Mood With Color

"Color will dictate the mood of your room," McHugh says. "Muted palettes (neutrals, whites, and light pastels) can create a calm space, though darker colors are also an excellent choice for a bedroom to make it feel more intimate and cozy." If you're going for a tranquil feel in the room, don't overlook blues, blue-greens, and even blue-blacks, which the designer describes as having "a soothing effect."