Celebrate Galentine's Day Virtually With This Celebrity Party Planner-Approved Advice

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The upside to nearly a year spent connecting with loved ones primarily over Zoom chats and digital happy hours has been getting the hang of this practice to the point that such events can actually be just as intimate and entertaining as those you'd otherwise host in person. And if you haven't yet planned such an interactive affair with your socially distant girlfriends, the perfect excuse to do so is right around the corner: With some expert-suggested virtual Galentine's Day party ideas, the friend-focused holiday can be a stylish, festive, and totally fun fete this year.

Los Angeles-based event planner Kristin Banta has coordinated celebrity weddings, chic product launches, movie premier parties, and more, so of course she's got some unique thoughts on ways to celebrate love and friendship — even if only through a screen — and they go way beyond a basic wine and cheese tasting. "I think it’s important to approach Galantine’s day by reflecting on memories past and favorite passions shared," the entertaining experts says, adding that the best parties take into account personal interests. "Consider your common interests when planning your celebration from food to cocktails to dress code. Take the time to remind one another of what you each love and respect about each other."

Sound like a suitable soiree for your crew this Galentine's Day? Ahead find some specific ideas Banta shared with TZR for a truly memorable get-together with the girls.

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Virtual Galentine's Day Party Ideas: Embrace The Traditional Tropes

Whether or not you have a romantic partner you're celebrating that other holiday with, you can still partake in some of the romantic tropes. Because, honestly, who better to chat about your love life (or lack thereof) with than your girlfriends? "Bust out that little black dress and open that special bottle of wine or champagne you’ve been saving," she says. "Order from your favorite date spot and buy flowers in the name of you and your gals. Recall memories of the worst dates you’ve ever had for a little laughter and make this one into a fantasy dream date for all."

Virtual Galentine's Day Party Ideas: Make It A Movie Night

Choose an appropriate flick (whether a favorite rom-com or something that's all about friendship) and organize a group watching session complete with coordinating beverages, outfits, and so on. "Plan a group movie date featuring a movie only you and your gals can fully appreciate," says Banta. "The cocktails and snacks should be thematically paired to the film and each attendee should dress like their favorite character."

Virtual Galentine's Day Party Ideas: Get Creative With The Dress Code

Another way to get silly with the dress code? "Assign each gal a mission to bust out their worst bridesmaids dress and plan an epic virtual game night," Banta suggests. At least you can say you got another wear out of it.

Virtual Galentine's Day Party Ideas: Play Interactive Games

One way to get the party going is by engaging each other with interactive prompts. For example, Banta recommends assigning each guests a friend to who they'll send a snack and cocktail inspired by their favorite things. This way everyone also gets a gift!

Virtual Galentine's Day Party Ideas: Have Fun With Florals

"In advance of the evening, have each guest order 20 roses, and over champagne and snacks each attendee will be assigned the task of creating an arrangement over the course of the meet-up and everyone can share their creation at the end," offers Banta. Don't love roses? No problem. Try some chic alternatives instead, like ranunculus, anemones, or even tulips.

Virtual Galentine's Day Party Ideas: Customize Your Cocktails

If you're not doing a movie theme, you can customize a cocktail using past memories as inspiration. "Each gal will create a cocktail inspired by a mutual experience together with the others," suggests Banta. "All friends will share ingredients in advance for each to pick up and will then virtually teach the others how to make it while recounting a memory that inspired it."

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