This Iconic ‘90s Rom-Com Is Totally Worth Re-Watching ASAP

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During these times, most people are clinging to things that are reliable, comfortable, and unchanging to offer a sense of peace. For some, that means cooking (or ordering) your favorite comfort foods, but you can also achieve this cozy feeling by curating your entertainment intake. Sure, this is a great time to binge watch the shows you hadn't quite gotten around to (coming for you, Killing Eve) or the flicks that everyone's been buzzing about. But don't underestimate the feel-good go-tos in times of crisis, like the best rom-com movies you'd watch again — and again and again.

There's just something so inherently soothing about a rom-com: For the most part, you know there'll be a happy ending. And you'll likely shed some therapeutic tears and enjoy some stress-relieving belly laughs in equal measure. And then of course there's the sense of escapism in a good romantic comedy, from the perfectly decorated homes in literally every Nancy Meyers movie to the eviable wardrobes of the characters.

And when it comes to cult favorite rom-coms, there are a lot to choose from. That said, before sharing "top 10" suggestions for your quarantine viewing pleasure, a few ground rules: No repeat lead actresses (You could watch just rom-coms starring Julia, Reece, or Drew for infinity!), and only films where the romance is the center point of the story. This curated list is also specific to the movies you most likely have already seen — but tend to get better on the second, third, or 40th viewing (hypothetically, of course). Ahead, find a few to re-watch now and give yourself a little comfort food for the soul.

Pretty Woman


Does it get any more classic than this 1990 film? It has everything essential for a good rom-com: A makeover sequence, stunning clothes, quotable lines, and a heroine who defies expectation.

10 Things I Hate About You


Raise your hand if you know by heart the poem Julia Stiles writes about Health Leger in this 1999 classic? If not, it might be time to re-watch it ASAP.

The Holiday

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Long before the time when borrowing someone's beautiful home was an ordinary practice (hello, Airbnb), there was this 2006 rom-com in which Cameron Diaz and literal stranger Kate Winslet swapped houses to get over heartbreak — and discovered new love in the process.

13 Going On 30

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Jenna and Matty forever! But seriously, anyone who ever had a crush on their platonic BFF undoubtedly holds this rom-com in high regard. Also, Jennifer Garner's physical comedy as a 13-year-old trapped in a 30-year-old's body still holds up.

Can't Hardly Wait

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1990s and 1980s kids consider this rom-com, featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry (as the popular girl and the geeky-cute guy who secretly has a crush on her) to be canon. That said, if you missed that era, put this adorable, hilarious flick at the top of your queue immediately. Heck, put it there even if you've seen it 100 times.

It's Complicated

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Another Meyers classic, this 2009 film refreshingly focused around a woman over the age of 40. And not only that, Meryl Streep's character is smart, successful, sexy, and has her pick of men to choose from. And that's not even getting into her kitchen decor.

Never Been Kissed

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Drew Barrymore as "Josie Grossie" in this 1999 film is probably one of her most endearing roles. In classic rom-rom style, Never Been Kissed has a switcheroo in the plot, with Josie, a journalist, going undercover as a high schooler and falling for a handsome teacher in the process.

500 Days of Summer


Spoiler alert: This 2009 movie might not have the ending you expected or desired, but that doesn't take one ounce away from the sweet and totally relatable unconventional love story between Zooey Deschanel's and Joseph Gordon Levitt's characters.

Sixteen Candles


John Hughes had a knack for making movies that were equally funny and heart-filled. As far as rom-coms go, it's hard to beat this Molly Ringwald classic where she beats all odds to get the guy — and her rightful respect with family and peers.

You've Got Mail

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Everything about this 1998 film is charming, from Meg's quintessential haircut and nervous energy to the early days of online connection. But the real MVP of the movie is the unlikely relationship between two would-be enemies: A local bookstore owner, and the big wig entrepreneur who could potentially put her out of business.