These Tom Ford Perfumes Got A Lightened-Up Version Just In Time For Summer

Tom Ford

During the winter you want to be wrapped up, embraced even, by a luxurious scent that makes you feel cozy and warm. But in the summer, something lighter is in order — an aroma that sinks in softly and delicately perfumes your skin, without making its presence over-abundantly known. After all, your wardrobe this season will be light and breezy, so why shouldn't your fragrance be, too? That's the idea behind Tom Ford's Sole Di Positano Acqua, a re-tooled version of the brand's cult-favorite fragrance made lighter and brighter just in time for summer. If the original is your signature scent (and even if it's not), this is your lucky day.

If you've got a go-to scent, it can be hard to put it away on a shelf during the months it's not as well-suited for. Spicy, musky scents, for example, fare better in the winter, while zesty citrus and bright floral fragrances make sense when weather is warm. But when a scent is so adored that fans can't seem to get enough, many fragrance lines will engineer alternative versions so it can be worn all year long.

Enter Tom Ford's Sole Di Positano Acqua and Fleur de Portofino Acqua — totally fresh scents in every sense of the word — that have been introduced by the luxury brand as the invigorating fragrances to swap in for the summer. They're even more refreshing renditions of Tom Ford's existing scents of the same names (hence, the reference to water in the new fragrances' monikers), with light and sparkly notes that'll help you keep your cool as the temperatures soar.

Courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty

Sole di Positano Acqua, now available on Tom Ford's site at $125 for a 50 milliliter size, is like a trip to the Amalfi coast in a bottle. It seeks to be even more brilliant that the original version of the scent, with the addition of juicy sun-soaked citrus including lemon and madarin, and sweet florals and greens like bergamot, petigrain bigarade, and shiso leaf. Ylang ylang adds creaminess to the floral blend of jasmine, muguet, and orange flower, and sandalwood brings a hit of texture to ground the scent. A touch of musk and green moss give sensuality — because it wouldn't be a Tom Ford fragrance without a dose of sex appeal.

Tom Ford's second new fragrance, on the other hand, sends you straight to the Italian riviera to experience all its blossom-covered brilliance. Fleur de Portofino Acqua, also $125, is inspired by Portofino's white flower-adorned landscape when it's in explosive, full bloom.

The glistening fragrance combines plenty of citrus florals and crisp citrus oils from Sicilian lemon, mandarin from Sorrento, and sweet tangerine to evoke the gardens and citrus groves that surround the Italian town. Subtle greenery from violet leaf, bitter orange tree, and bigarade leaf absolute add depth to the carefree scent, and white acacia brings richness and a hint of spice. Even more flowery notes are layered in, from jasmine and rose to magnolia and orange flower. Explosive, indeed.

Both luxurious, but light fragrances come in a frosted glass iteration of Tom Ford's iconic perfume flacon, in shades of aqua and blue that mimic the Mediterranean's waters. Simply placing the bottle on your beauty shelf will already make it feel like summer.

Fancy a trip to the Italian seaside this season? Scroll to shop both fresh Tom Ford fragrances below to be instantly transported.