Why Tom Ford Beauty’s New Fragrance Isn’t Your Typical Lavender Perfume

Kelly Taub/WWD/Shutterstock

There are some scents you can recognize in an instant. Garden-fresh rosemary, bright and refreshing citrus, and sultry, feminine rose. You'd probably include another familiar floral, Provencal-grown lavender, on that list, right? Well, it's time to forget everything you thought you knew about the relaxing French flower, thanks to Tom Ford Beauty's Lavender Extrême fragrance. The luxe beauty brand's latest fragrance takes a classic that nearly everyone knows and loves, and turns it into something totally unexpected (and undeniably cool).

If out-of-the-ordinary, unique fragrances are kind of your thing, you're probably already a fan of Tom Ford Beauty's continuously growing collection of high-end, highly unusual fragrances. From irreverent, cheeky names to complex, imaginative, and downright sexy scents (looking at you, Lost Cherry), the brand just has a way of making a splash when it comes to perfume. So it's no surprise that Tom Ford Beauty's latest Private Blend Collection creation takes something classic, and transforms it unlike ever before.

The brand-new Lavender Extrême fragrance, which is now available for $320 in a 50-milliliter bottle on Tom Ford's site, changes the well-known aroma of lavender from something relaxing and demure into a scent that's stimulating, invigorating, and bold. This isn't a scent for those seeking a delicate, light, and tranquil touch — it's made for fans of unusual fragrances and for those who love to stand out.

Tom Ford Beauty

To start, Tom Ford Beauty took two distinct varietals of lavender, both from France, and mixed them together to create an entirely new fragrance note (typically, you'd only get the essence of one single type). Then, to give the herbal concoction some spark, Italian bergamot and revitalizing citrus is layered into the mix to an effervescent effect.

And because the beauty brand loves to push boundaries, a third type of lavender, Lavender Absolue France, was selected to further amplify the fragrance with its rich balsamic core and green undertones. At the finish, you're treated to warmth and luxury via Oriental tonka bean and benzoin, both of which contribute a rich, creamy glow.

The brand relied on an exclusive enzyme process that utilized carrot seed oil to eliminate earthiness from the scent, so it retains and reinforces only the most bright and fresh aspects of each note. That means you'll be able to clearly detect the natural aromas included in the perfume, as if you were smelling freshly clipped flowers direct from a Provencal garden.

Grab a sleek, all-silver bottle of Lavender Extrême for yourself from Tom Ford's site below, and get ready for the inevitable "What perfume to do wear?" questions each time you step out.