Cherry Beauty Products Are Trending, And Boy, Is It Sweet

Not too long ago, most people associated fall with pumpkins. Or sweet potatoes. Or apples. Or possibly winter squash. Cherries were only in season from about May to late August, only to be seen in the occasional pie or tart. Now, the fruit is popping up every where you look — on that summer dress you might not be ready to part with just yet (hey, it's not that chilly), and in all of the buzzy new cherry beauty products from Tom Ford, Urban Decay, Bobby Brown, Pat McGrath Labs, and KKW Beauty. And even sweeter? Everyone can get a piece of this trend.

"Picking the right cherry shade is all about preference," makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran tells The Zoe Report. "While there may be rules on finding the perfect nude, it's different for berries. Whatever makes you feel best is what works." To ensure the perfect match, Jaikaran suggests testing shades in natural light to really see the true color, "especially because the natural tone of your lips also plays on how the color pays off," she notes. And if you're worried about the colors coming off too summery, you can get crafty: "Pair your favorite shade with a darker toned lip liner or eyeliner," she notes. "For your lips, angle the tip of the pencil and blend inward so you don't create a harsh line. This creates a beautifully ombré effect so you get to enjoy your cherry shade all year round."

Ahead, check out the freshest cherry beauty products that are ripe for the picking.