8 New Perfumes At Sephora You'll Want to Buy (& Wear) ASAP


Whether you had it on your calendar or not, March 21 may be ushering in your new favorite holiday: National Fragrance Day. And lucky for anyone looking to celebrate it, the new 2019 perfumes at Sephora are unexpectedly diverse. There are new scents for shoppers who love fresh-cut floral perfumes, those who prefer more masculine scents, non-floral perfumes, and everyone in between. Not sure where you and your nose fall on the spectrum? Just keep reading about what Sephora has to offer.

Some of the new perfumes have already begun picking up a cult following, like Maison Margiela's REPLICA fragrance Under The Lemon Trees and Viktor&Rolf's Flowerbomb Midnight perfume. Both are close to reaching a hundred perfect reviews on Sephora's website although they've only been out for a handful of weeks — and they're pretty different from one another. While equally fruity, Under The Lemon Trees is fresh and sparkly, while Flowerbomb Midnight uses jasmine and musk to go deeper and darker.

Then you have TOCCA's Gia perfume: a deeply rose-scented perfume tinted with spice and vanilla. It retails for only $76, making it a more affordable option for Sephora shoppers in the market for a luxe perfume. The packaging is incredible for the price, too; the red bottle was inspired by the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella.


Looking for something a little less floral? Try out Sephora's new Tom Ford perfume, Fougère Platine, for $235. "There have been many monumental fougères for centuries, which is why I have waited to introduce my first fougère until I knew it was a masterpiece. It had to be something that would stick to your memory, something that a new generation would find unforgettable," reads a quote by Tom Ford on the perfume's Sephora page.

For anyone that doesn't speak perfume, a fougère — French for "fern" — is a fragrance known for its base of lavender and coumarin (which smells similar to hay). The scents are typically masculine, though that shouldn't keep you from trying out Tom Ford's Fougère Platine; the unisex scent can be worn by anyone bold enough to try it.

It takes a bit of boldness to try any new perfume, though. Ahead, a few of the most eye-catching fragrances recently added to Sephora.