The Brilliant Organization Hack Lucy Hale Uses To Keep Her Skin Care In Order

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Lucy Hale / Instagram
Lucy Hale has a genius trick to organizing her skincare
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Organization fans know that there are endless ways to arrange a bathroom vanity. You can store things in bins, place them on lazy Susans, line them up in rainbow order — the list goes on and on. The problem is, if you're working with hundreds of items, even the tidiest of systems might make it difficult to find the products you need at the end of a night. Fortunately for beauty fanatics, Lucy Hale just posted a genius solution to those dealing with that conundrum. Her skin care organization idea? It involves a label maker — but probably not the way you'd expect.

While you're likely used to seeing The Home Edit team slap labels on cute baskets and clear boxes, Hale's storage hack is a bit different. Instead of going the traditional route, the actor used a portable label maker to make stickers for the products themselves, thereby taking any guesswork out of your daily routines.

In an Instagram story on Jan. 18, the 31-year-old shared her idea, showing off a picture of a Biologique Recherche serum with her homemade labels. The bottle featured two stickers — one that said "final step" and another that read "am or pm." "We've reached this step of adulthood *labeling*" Hale joked in the post.

Lucy Hale / Instagram

While Hale might be right — this *is* a little over the top — it's also a brilliant trick to not only keeping your skincare organized in your vanity for easy reaching, but also to staying on track with your routine. It is hard to remember what order to apply those products in, after all.

Plus, you don't need to label every single product. Like Hale, make things easier on yourself by choosing the skin care you use every day. Add the step number and time it's supposed to be used, and then line each one up in its intended order. Voilà — you've got a Hale-approved system that takes the work out of your daily regimen.

All you need to recreate this is your go-to formulas and a label maker, so gather up all your favorite products and then keep scrolling. A few highly rated tools like Hale's are ahead.

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