The $0 Bikini Top Trend That Makes Your Beach Look Instantly On Trend

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If you've kept things simple when it comes to swimwear this summer, now may be the time to change up your look. With only a few weeks left in summer it's hard to justify a new splurge, but finding new ways to style the same pieces you've been sporting for a few months now is a simple alternative. Enter, the reliable ladies of Instagram and their endless styling tricks. As it turns out, a classic triangle swim top is the most on-trend and versatile piece you own right now, as proven by the latest easy bikini top trend.

Crinkled, ribbed, and color-blocked are just a few of the suit themes to dominate 2020, but possibly the best trend circulating right now involves a classic style that you already own: triangle bikini tops. Wearers are getting creative and transforming the staple into a multi-use piece using its stringy ties — rotating, twisting, and turning all to create something brand new. Not only does this mean a standard halter can become a strappy layering piece or even a bandeau, but it also means that you'll get more wear out of your go-to style without feeling tired of it.

Hit refresh on your simplest string bikini top by taking a cue from these ladies genius styling hacks, ahead.

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How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Sideways

Belle's modeling Bamba Swim's Farrah top but Inamorata's latest triangle top is an ideal pick. The dramatically elongated stringy straps allow for more tying options and the adorable golden figure charm woven into its ends just seals the deal. First, place the triangle cups where they'd typically sit then take one neck and waist strap from the same side and tie it behind your shoulder. Do the same on the other side and viola, your triangle top is now anything but basic.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Rotated Halter

This one is so easy to hack, no fancy knots needed - just a clever rotating trick. Here Shudufhadzo Musiḓa wears the Xena top from Sommer Swim which is sadly sold out, but you can get a similar look with Melissa Simone's cheetah bikini. The first step is to turn the bikini upside down so that the waist strap is on top which is what you'll use to tie as a halter top. Using the ruching from bottom triangle seam up top creates that rounded look. Then finish off by fastening the neck straps behind your back.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Forward Bandeau

Here Sommer Swim's Xena Sirious top is used to create a bandeau, but a basic string top will work too. The first step is tie the neck strap around your back and beneath your arms like a bandeau. Now, here's her trick: take the bottom waist strap in hand and pull it taught so that the ruched seam of the triangles bunch into a small circle at the front and tie comfortably but tight enough to avoid any slips.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Strappy

Sandals, swimwear and even sundresses, this season is all about the strappier the better as exemplified above with Sommer Swim's sold out Esmee Papayayo top. The halter-neck style is a more creative remix on the staple triangle shape, but you can take it a step further by sliding the waist strap to the front, effectively creating an added bow detail like Hyde - or make it easy with Mai Mia's wrap-around take.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: The Twist

Amy Lefévre's semi sheer bralette with detachable sleeves is actually part of a set from Tyrell that can be worn any number of ways. The straps tied behind her neck were intended around the waist thus creating a cross-over look at its front. To recreate the look, 437's Stella top is so moldable that you can probably wear it differently each time for the rest of summer.

How Fashion Girls Are Tying Bikinis: Criss-Crossed

Out of all the creative ideas floating around your Explore page, the zig-zag tie is arguably the easiest and this the most popular. If you don't own Frankies Bikinis Haven top, pictured here, it's easy enough to DIY. Start with a classic triangle top, simply tie the back strap per usual but then layer one shoulder strap over the other before tying behind your neck in halter form. And if you're in the mood to revamp the simple top even further, slide the waist strap around so that the bow tie is in the center of either triangle for an additional upgrade just as easily.

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