How Quarantine Has Changed The Way I Get Dressed

Lauren Caruso taking a photo of herself in the mirror while wearing a white silk dress

As a much-needed escape from the current climate, The Zoe Report is launching a new series called "Styled Inside," taking readers into the homes of editors, stylists, and people we admire. Discussing everything from trends and beauty tips to constructive ways to pass the time at home, the weekly episodes on The Zoe Report's Instagram promise to be a light-hearted celebration of fashion and style.

It turns out, I don't really dress up for myself. I've told myself for decades that my love of fashion was truly intrinsic, a creative outfit that I can silo away just for me. Turns out that's not totally the case. If it were, I'd spend every day of quarantine ruminating about what I'd wear that day — and it's hard to ruminate about where I'm going or who I'm seeing when my plans don't involve leaving my studio apartment.

Instead, I've settled into a routine that feels true to my style: Pick out something comfortable — be it a pair of silk shorts, a luxe ribbed rank, or a beloved hoodie that allows me to execute a strategic hair tuck, then open my laptop and get to to work. Maybe I'll throw on a pair of heels for a few hours just to feel like myself, and every so often I'll surprise myself by putting on a blazer or a dress — even if I have exactly zero Zoom meetings on the schedule. It's the little things.

One thing I have been doing, though, is creating lists. Lists of new beauty products I didn't have time to try before this, lists of things I'm collecting for my apartment during this time, and lists of trends I can't wait to try when we're finally relieved of quarantine.

As it turns out, the thing that excites me about putting together outfits is sharing them with other people. Ahead, the pieces that make me feel like myself during this time, plus the things I can't wait to shop and wear once we're passed this.

Styled Inside: My Go-To Looks

I refuse to put on jeans, so instead I’ve loved pairing a form-fitting ribbed tank with a comfortable knit or silk bottom. Every once in a while, I’ll throw on a pair of heels to walk back and forth to the kitchen in just to feel a little more like myself. For a Zoom call, I'll top my look off with a blazer, like this one from Nanushka.

Styled Inside: My Beauty Routine

I'm using this time to give my skin and hair a break, but that doesn't mean I'm letting the idea of a routine fall by the wayside. Instead, I'm focusing on full-body care, all while giving my heat tools a much-needed rest.

Styled Inside: How I'm Staying Zen

Adjusting to life within the confines of a studio apartment hasn't been easy, but I've focused on making my space feel truly like me. I've been hoarding candles, finding the finishing touches for my shelves, and carving out a space to work out.


Workout Bra

Workout Shorts

Styled Inside: What I'm Shopping For

As someone who travels often, I definitely have the itch to get out of NYC for warmer weather. While I can't go anywhere just yet, I can shop for it. I'm especially excited about supporting small brands, like Sidway, Simon Miller, and TK.