DVF's New Capsule Empowers Women To Look (& Feel) Their Best

Courtesy of The Outnet

Two forces in the fashion industry have teamed up to redefine what it means to empower women through the clothes they wear and the result is just as good as one would expect. The DVF x The Outnet capsule collection (which launches on Feb 4) includes a range of styles that are offered in a variety of sizes and patterns. Together, the brands are putting a fresh take on the silhouettes that became DVF's signature nearly 50 years ago. Each garment is designed with a tailor-made feel that instills a natural confidence in those who dare to wear them. Appropriate for work and play, the collection has the versatility that women want in their closet, all for a price worth taking the plunge.

It's the shared intentions that make this partnership so seamless — both DVF and The Outnet intrinsically empower women financially and in their careers. The Outnet provides designer collections at a fraction of the cost, making luxury fashion more accessible to women who may be joining at different price points. After dressing women for most of her career, Diane von Furstenberg herself has taken to helping women advance their own careers through her new "InCharge" initiative. InCharge lends itself to four actionable practices: Connect, Expand, Inspire, and Advocate.

"Connect came from my morning ritual of sending at least 2 emails in the beginning of my day that benefits others," shares the designer on the first "step". Next, "Expand" involves going beyond the realm of your day-to-day circle and reaching out to someone new, thus making it more inclusive. "Inspire" involves relating to others through storytelling, and always allowing yourself to become vulnerable in the process. Lastly, "Advocate" entails getting involved in causes that you personally feel called to action by. "We feel [these topics] are worth fighting for and speaking up on to really make an impact," said the Belgian designer.

The collection includes a series of jumpsuits, dresses and blouses, all channeling a sense of bold femininity and agency. The color palette includes khaki, navy and white hues. With stripes and flower patterns in tow, print-mixing is encouraged (see Anna Wintour's style file for inspiration). As for what makes Diane von Furstenberg, herself, feel empowered? The brand's signature wrap dress. "That little dress changed my life in 1974 and all that it stands for still holds true. It inspires confidence and femininity."

To shop the full collection, head to The Outnet, where the capsule is exclusively available. Or, browse the below edit for the finds that are sure to boost confidence.