This Decor Piece Is A Must-Have For Nailing 2020s Most Popular Home Style


Does the architecture of your home impact the way you decorate inside? For some, it's imperative to uphold the integrity of your house's bones by including furniture or fixtures that compliment it. On the other hand, if you're living in a space that's not your architectural ideal, such pieces could help you get the aesthetic — indoors, at least. A recent survey pinned down the three most popular home styles, but even if they may not be the ones you're currently residing in, interior design experts can tell you exactly what to invest in to nail the look nonetheless.

Homes.com asked 5,000 Americans to share their favorite style of home, and the results were pretty overwhelming. For the most part, modern or timeless approaches to architecture fared best, while styles that were decidedly historic — like Italianate and French Chateau — fell to the bottom of the list. The study also showed that a home's architectural type did have a significant impact on its desirability, with nearly half of those surveyed considering it a "very important" factor and only about two percent saying it didn't matter at all.

But that doesn't make the interior any less important. Whether you're looking for decor that amplifies your home's inherent architecture or you're trying to mimic the look of one you want, but don't have, the pieces you place inside can be just as impactful. Want to know how to get the vibes of the most popular styles, regardless of your current surroundings? Ahead learn which three Americans prefer, plus corresponding tips on what to shop for if you need fall home refresh inspiration — straight from interior pros.

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Most Popular Home Style: Modern Farmhouse

"In the era of Chip and Joanna Gaines, Modern Farmhouse has become one of the most sought-after design styles of the 21st century," says Amy Leferink, founder of Interior Impressions. And the survey echoed her thoughts, with the style being the top pick for 42 out of 50 states.

Leferink explains that lots of white, black metal, and pops of greenery are signature interior design details for the style, but Gillian Segal of Gillian Segal Design adds that including vintage touches is also important. "The modern farmhouse look is a personal favorite but with so many new homes of this style being built, I find that they can sometimes look too new and can lack character," she shares. "Find an antique and storied piece: Think a rustic aged dining table or a vintage iron chandelier. It’s a great way to create a more lived-in and comfortable look to otherwise new and contemporary details."

Most Popular Home Style: Mid-Century Modern Ranch

The Mid-Century Modern style may be associated with specific time in history, but it's proven to be timeless — and the perfect balance of old and new — which is probably why it continues to be a favorite. Whether or not you have this type of home, there are a few decor essentials that can help you capture its essence.

"Mid-Century modern ranch uses unique handcrafted pieces of furniture and unpredictable materials that embody a sense of homeyness and approachable modernity," says designer and lifestyle expert Breegan Jane. "The horizontal nature of this style can best be accentuated by low furniture, such as a low sideboard or coffee table with natural wood accents to tie in its nature-inspired origins." And Leferink adds that Eames lounge chairs, trumpet tables, and arched floor lamps are some specific pieces to look out for.

Most Popular Home Style: Spanish Colonial/Southwest

The warm, casual sensibility of Spanish Colonial/Southwestern style homes can be achieved indoors with natural materials and textures, such as adobe, terra cotta, leather, says Leferink. And details, like your tiles and textiles, can really drive home the aesthetic. "Generally, Spanish colonial interiors contain warm neutrals for the base elements, (i.e. terracotta floors, white walls), therefore introducing a vintage rug can be a great way to introduce a pop of color or texture into the space and may even tie together intricate hand-painted tiles," says Jane. Segal agrees, sharing that tribal patterned (think geometric motifs) rugs can add a casual, collected feel that's synonymous with the style.