The Most Iconic Met Gala Dresses Of All Time Include This Princess Diana Look

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Each year, on the first Monday in May, the worldwide style set flocks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for what's arguably the biggest night in fashion. But in 2020, things are a little different. With the function postponed to the fall, this May won't include a red carpet graced by Valentino-plumed Naomi Campbell or gowned Lady Gaga. Still, with some 70 years in the making (since its inception all the way back in 1948), there are plenty of iconic Met Gala dresses that deserve a closer look — and now is as good a time as any to do a full audit of frocks from its rich history.

Rivaled by only the Academy Awards, The Met Gala is the event in which celebrities pull out all the stops. And thanks to the event's creative themes, the variety from year to year keeps things exciting. Take, for example, Rihanna's maximalist marigold coat dress by Guo Pei for 2015's "China: Through The Looking Glass" theme. In a similar colorway, but on the far end of the spectrum, you have Kate Moss' slinky tank dress, which appeared 20 years prior in the midst her runway peak. 20 years before that, the '70s gave us a crystal-dripped Cher — so, you can expect that 2020 will be the welcomed kickoff to the next decade of iconic looks.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder — so, while you're not tuning into the red (or, sometimes pink) carpet this season, browse the best of Gala's past, ahead.

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