This New Dior Fragrance Was Inspired By Italian Gardens — & It Smells Fantastic

What's a perfumer to do when they want to create a fragrance out of a flower that only shares its scent with the world for a brief, fleeting moment? Well, they've got to get creative. And that's exactly what Dior's expert perfumer did to craft the brand-new Maison Chrisitan Dior Holy Peony fragrance. It's feminine, fresh, floral and fruity, and somehow manages to capture the peony's bright, beautiful scent in a bottle — and you'll want the charming fragrance on your beauty shelf this season.

Scent has the incredible ability to transport you to a place totally different from where you are. Maybe there's a fragrance that takes you somewhere familiar, like your grandmother's kitchen — but there are also aromas that can bring you to a place you've never even been. And with Dior's latest perfume launch, Maison Christian Dior Holy Peony, that place is a dazzling Italian garden filled with bright, fragrant blooms. And just as a botanical garden in Italy would overflowing with charm, so is this overtly feminine perfume.

"Composing Holy Peony was like painting a portrait of a visibly charming woman," François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator said in an official statement. "This peony was created in a floral and fruity trompe l'oeil style, with the inviting sparkle of red fruit. It is avid for light and its apricot Rose conveys its round feminine curves."


But it was no easy feat to achieve such a fragrance, because peonies are considered mute flowers — aka flowers that don't produce an essential oil for perfumers to utilize in their blending process. So, Dior's Demachy went off inspiration alone, envisioning Italy's colorful countryside landscapes and the harmonious aroma of flowers in a garden to recreate the peony in this new perfume.

Holy Peony is built on layers of florals, including rose and lily of the valley, and sparkling red fruits, like raspberry and strawberry, with a gentle touch of wood and musk that give off a warm, amber glow. The result is a scent that's simultaneously delicate and lively, just like a peony.

"It is as fresh as the flower's green leaves and as dazzling as its red petals. Holy Peony is a luminous scent, like a rose without thorns, soft, yet confident," Demachy said.

The newest perfume from Dior comes in a bottle that's simple and sleek, which best suits a fragrance that can so boldly speak for itself. Shop the just-launched scent from Dior, below, to take a walk through your own personal Italian garden.