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The fitness trend that dominated 2020? Making it work from home, which has meant that classes, tips, and sources of inspiration are being mostly discovered through social media. As a result, some accounts are buzzier than ever — and some of these Insta-famous trainers and workouts might be worth a follow if you're seeking a little more motivation and some new ways to get moving.

Of course at-home workouts aren't anything new, but because of the pandemic, they've become the safest — and in some cases the only — option for many. But because more people are still working from home as well, what clients are looking for in a fitness routine or a virtual trainer has shifted. "It’s been a really challenging year and with everything that has been going on, I’ve found people are finding it harder to get motivated," explains Simone De Le Rue, the founder of Body By Simone who you may also recognize from Revenge Body. "There’s been an adjustment period figuring out how to balance working and keeping active at home without the incentive of going to the studio. I’ve found people need a lot more self love and that it’s important to remember to move your body out of love and the holistic benefits for your overall wellbeing. It’s important now more than ever to feed your physical and mental health with healthy habits."

And even when you're not working out online, you may be turning to social media for fitness inspiration. The Instagram feeds of some of the most influential trainers are often filled with tips for more mindfulness, improved nutrition, and general motivation for a healthier lifestyle all around. All of the above are reasons to follow some especially Insta-famous fitness experts. Ahead, find seven such accounts that might just help you stay on track with your fitness goals through the holiday and well into the new year — plus what you can expect from their virtual workouts.

Insta-Famous Trainers & Workouts: Simone De La Rue

Love a dance-based workout? Perhaps even a little rebounder action? De La Rue, who prides herself on a joyful fitness routine, is a must-follow. "My approach to fitness is that I don’t care which workout you do, just find something that you love and get moving," she tells TZR. "My approach is to move your body because you know it will ultimately help you be the best version of yourself and to always find the joy. I like to use a mix of dance cardio and HIIT intervals with low weight and high rep toning to sculpt the entire body and create long, lean muscle."

Want to try De La Rue's classes? Simply download the BBS app to get started. "[The app] gives clients access to customizable on-demand workouts and live classes to help them tone their entire body," the celebrity trainer explains. "Expect to dance, tone, sweat, and leave feeling joyous and uplifted."

Insta-Famous Trainers & Workouts: Sky Ting

Following its cult status as an NYC yoga studio Sky Ting has earned an even bigger following during the pandemic since those outside the city can take classes through its streaming platform. Best friends and co-founders Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan have blended a myriad of yoga styles including Katonah, Taoism, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa to create their signature method and of late, they've even adjusted classes to reflect the needs of their socially distant students. "Because we are all on our screens more, the eyes and the brain need more breaks from taking in visual sensation," says Jones. "I’ve been hearing a lot more requests for meditation where the eyes are closed and the minds can drop into the body and breath. Also, poses to relieve back pain after long hours on the computer!"

As for what to expect from a Sky Ting class, Jones shares that their focus on mindfulness, playful personalities, and accessibility are some key factors in their teaching methods. "Our goal is to offer tools and techniques to as many people as possible and spark more joy in peoples' lives," she says. "We have something for everyone, and offer a wide variety of classes, styles, durations, and levels to be as accessible as possible. We’re different from most yoga apps in that we like to show our personalities on camera — we’re uncensored, playful, and like to have fun."

Insta-Famous Trainers & Workouts: Lacey Stone

When you take classes from Revenge Body vet and celebrity trainer Lacey Stone — who's currently working with Molly Simms and Kelly Osborne among other notable clients — you can expect to feel supported and challenged in equal measure. "I’m mama bear meets tough love," Stone tells The Zoe Report. "Yes, my classes are challenging and results-driven but their foundation is a sense of community and love. I go out of my way to reach out to every single one of my clients to make sure their health and wellbeing is being taken care of — and at the very least talked about."

Another thing you can count for Stone is consistency, as the trainer prides herself on sticking to a strict schedule. "[People] want a routine," she explains. "They want their trainer to show up with the same level of positivity every class, which is why I’ve had a consistent schedule of teaching Tuesday and Fridays at 8:00 a.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. since COVID quarantine started."

Stone, who teaches alongside her girlfriend for double the motivation, says that she is best known for her Zoom Bootcamp, a 45-minute sweat-inducing HIIT workout that will tone and strengthen your full body — no equipment needed. "I do my best to make the workout intense, fun (I like to tell jokes), and accessible by creating a workout for all levels from beginner to advanced," she explains.

Insta-Famous Trainers & Workouts: Amy Rosoff Davis

With a celebrity client roster that's included Selena Gomez, Kristen Bell, and Emma Roberts, Rosoff Davis has earned a reputation for her mindful, yoga and Pilates-based workouts. But the mother of two (she just gave birth to her youngest a few months ago) has been kicking things up a notch by incorporating some HIIT moves as well. "With all of us moving less than we used to, I am trying to jolt their bodies into motion — throwing lots of different types of moves their way to maximize our time together," she explains. "Some days we wind up just doing yoga or mat Pilates but, most times, my sessions are a big beautiful mashup of styles."

One thing thing she never skips in a session? Yoga. "I do yoga with everyone," Rosoff Davis says. "I am addicted, it's my favorite form of exercise." Her love of the meditative practice makes perfect sense considering the fact that the fitness pro focuses on the mind and body connection in all her classes — whether one-on-one of via her Instagram Live classes. Want to follow along? Sign up for her newsletter for all upcoming fitness opportunities.

Insta-Famous Trainers & Workouts: Ashley Borden

The celebrity trainer, who also helped transform physiques on Revenge Body, has been catering to clients' COVID-era needs by focusing on glute work, back, and core strength with her HIIT-based virtual Body Foundation classes, which take place live every Tuesday and Thursday or can be purchased as a package to watch at your convenience. "I use rep schemes like four exercises 30 seconds on/10 seconds off, AMPRAPS (as many rounds of said moves as possible), ladders and group challenges," she explains. "Even TBF clients who are not live in class have said they feel like they are live even when watching the play back and training at their convenience! We incorporate body weight moves like push ups, squats, lunges, side bridges, and all of the planks." And while you don't need any equipment to follow along, Borden personally loves to include props like supportive pillows, rebounders, and a variety of bands and boost her workouts and recovery.

Insta-Famous Trainers & Workouts: Tone It Up

Tone It Up's co-founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, fill TIU's feed with all the fitness inspo you need — from healthy meal tips to workout moves you can do from anywhere. "Tone It Up is not just a destination for workouts, it’s a community of women supporting one another to be their best selves," Scott tells TZR. "Right now, we all need someone to tell us we’ve got this, and that’s what the [our] community will make sure you know."

For those who are curious about what to expect from downloading TIU's Fitness App, Scott says a close connection is their number one goal. "Women feel like they’re in a workout studio connecting with girlfriends," she explains. "We recently added a feature in the app where you can connect with accountability partners for motivation and inspiration!" As a new mom, Scott has especially been gravitating towards shorter (40 minutes or less), more efficient workouts that are conducive to a busy lifestyle and a style that incorporated strength training, yoga sculpt, and gentle toning.

Insta-Famous Trainers & Workouts: Ally Love

Love first earned a following as an in-demand Peloton instructor (her Sundays with Love classes continue to be a fan favorite), and now the newly appointed 2021 ambassador for REN Clean Skincare has created a fully fledged platform for all things wellness via her Instagram. Through her cycling and barre classes, Love says a focus on humanity keeps her students coming back for more. "I know that [...] our differences make us unique but our will to be better brings us together," she explains. "We're coming together to be our best selves physically, mentally, and spiritually on the bike and on the mat when they take my classes."

Another thing to expect from Love as a trainer — and as a wellness influencer — is thoughtfulness. "Most times I think we do what looks good and the reality is that we want to have a solid training program," she says. "Being able to articulate the why and how is important to me as an instructor and that's what I want to serve to our members. Of course I'm a lot of fun — I open all my classes with a big smile. At nine years old I got hit by a car so I know what it's like to almost lose your life, so every day I live my life to the fullest and I am available to our members. [There's] a beautiful level of humanity that comes along with Peloton, with our members, with folks that follow me on social media."

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