5 Fit It-Girls On Instagram Who Will Actually Inspire You To Work Out

Everyone knows that a well-curated #foodstagram page can persuade you to hit up the closest cronut shop or ramen house. Turns out the same goes for fitness. From ballerinas to celebrity trainers, the platform is rife with enough fitspiration to get you moving, but it takes a truly dedicated account to get you moving every day. Here, a roundup of the top girls on Insta who do all the squats, deadlifts and warrior poses that provide serious motivation for your next trip to the gym.


Kayla Itsines

This one-woman fitness phenomenon has made a career out of reminding her followers to do the obvious: eat healthy and exercise regularly. But her real strength lies in the success of her Instagram page—tips and tricks from her Sweat With Kayla program, which combine strength and cardio training like you've never done before. Try it and seriously feel the burn of those results (or opt for this 28-minute workout she created exclusively for The Zoe Report).


Izabel Goulart

This bombshell hails from Brazil (a.k.a. land of the itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini), so it's no surprise that her fitness routine involves a little more than just the usual treadmill and Pilates. As a Victoria's Secret Angel, she shares motivational #BodyByIza photos that reveal her training, from taking up sports like tennis to the occasional kickboxing. It's no simple feat, but she manages to make these look easy-peasy.


Emily Skye

As a spokesperson for body positivity, Emily is the queen of before-and-after fitness results. The Australian personality has more than 1.8 million followers, and she constantly shares with them her transformation from a self-conscious cardio addict to a strong and confident woman—both mentally and physically. Now she encourages others to find their path to healthiness, whether that's employing a routine through her F.I.T program or sticking to a no-fail meal plan.


Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

Alright, we cheated here. With Karena and Katrina's brainchild, you get two for the price of one—that is, double the nutrition trips, double the recipes and double the fitness support. The trainers launched their lifestyle brand to convince women that working out doesn't have to be a chore, and it's now become a multimillion-dollar business with a hardcore following that's more community than competition.


Jen Selter

She may have the most famous posterior on the planet and basically invented the belfie (i.e. "butt selfie"), but Jen is clearly more than just her peach. Working the front desk at a gym, she easily became inspired by those around her and soon launched her social media brand that eventually got her featured on magazines like Elle and Vanity Fair. (She's also often mistaken for a fitness expert despite not earning any certification.) Sounds like your typical modern-day fitness girl story?