The Best Waterproof Mascaras For Crybabies, Adrenaline Lovers, & Everyone In Between


Waterproof mascara isn't exactly new to the beauty space. In fact, it's a beauty staple for many. Those who suffer from allergies (or an extreme case of the feels, or maybe just an extreme workout) probably have several tubes on hand at all times. But with new advancements in formulas and ingredients this year, even the best waterproof mascara that you know and love might be obsolete very soon.

“Mascaras with waterproof formulas don't compromise the performance of the product in the least bit,” Theo Turner, a celebrity makeup artist who works with Teyana Taylor, tells The Zoe Report. The beauty guru explains that while definitely a year-round staple, waterproof tubes prove especially useful during allergy season, “because I can guarantee that my eyes will be watering as soon as I’m outside."

And if you happen to be new to the game, be assured that you won't necessarily lose the benefits of other targeted formulas you know and love — you just may need to add the occasional extra step. “Waterproof actually delivers more lengthening in the lashes rather than volume,” Michael Ashton, a celebrity makeup artist who works with Adele, explains. “If you find a waterproof formula you love and need that volume, I would suggest using a lash primer to bulk up first."

While there are so many pros to an impermeable formula, one common concern is the removal of the mascara at day's end — because it's supposed to stay on. Grace Ahn, a New York-based makeup artist, recommends using a cleansing balm to gently massage the product off the lashes with your fingers and warm water. “It removes every trace, and is much gentler than using a wipe or cotton pad with remover."

Now that you've got the scoop on how to navigate the world of these waterproof wonders, ahead, see seven pro-approved, tearjerker-resistant formulas that'll get you through the warmer months with ease.