The 12 Best OPI Nail Polish Shades Of All Time


Getting a manicure is one of the world's greatest comforts. There's something about stepping into a salon, picking out a special shade, and relaxing without your phone for a few minutes. And there are a few things that make the experience even better — like finding a shade you've been wanting for weeks. OPI, of course, is like a nail salon north star: It's one of those mainstay brands that's in just about every location, and some of the best OPI shades aren't what you'd think, according the celebrity manicurists.

OPI already offers hundreds of shades with long-lasting high shine, along with creamy mattes, glitter top coats, and gel formulas that eliminate the need to leave your home, should you choose. If you do opt for an at-home mani, "allow the polish to self-level," says Julie Kandalec, a celebrity nail artist who works with Demi Lovato, Viola Davis, and Kendall Jenner. "It’s natural to see streaks and get nervous, and then want to go over it again and again, trying to smooth it out. Since polish begins drying immediately as the brush is taken out of the bottle, it's creating a battle with drying polish on the nail, which is what is making the streaks." To avoid them, just brush the polish on and move onto the next nail and applying a third thin coat is sometimes the trick that's needed for perfect coverage every time, she says.

In preparation for your manicure, be sure to shake the bottle for the sake of "mixing" the polish. "First, I like to mix the polish — like my favorite, Alpine Snow — by rolling the bottle in between my palms, as opposed to shaking which can cause bubbles in the polish. I do this to mix the color and get a nice, even consistency," celebrity nail artist Karen Gutierrez, who works with Sofia Vergara and Kylie Jenner, notes.

Photo by OPI

Even though these classic shades are long-lasting, giving them an insurance policy to last even longer all begins with your prep. "Many people associate a manicure with soaking your nails in water to soften the skin… but don’t do this!" celebrity manicurist Chelsea King, who includes Katy Perry as a client, warns. "Your nails are porous, and will absorb a bit of water and expand. If you paint them then, they will chip once once your nails return to their normal state."

Read ahead for more mani tips, along with the OPI shades that always remain in top manicurists' kits.

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