OPI’s Spring Collection Makes A Convincing Case For Lime Green Nails


For every winter outfit that features deep shades of the color spectrum — or let’s be honest, lack thereof — there are plenty of equally vibrant ensembles to stand out against the season’s neutral-hued backdrop. This overarching color scheme extends to your beauty looks as well, and more likely than not you’ve been complementing your wardrobe with a similar nail polish palette. However, with a few months left before the days get noticeably longer and the temperatures rise, the upcoming season has a more colorful world to look forward to, and OPI’s spring 2019 collection will not disappoint.

Though the spring season typically lends itself to light, candy-colored shades to sport during the transitional time between the winter and summer, that doesn’t mean its color palette is not a welcomed contrast to the darker hues of the season prior. OPI’s latest release, named The Tokyo Collection, features a collection of 12 beautiful (and bright) shades that feel like a breath of fresh air when following a sea of jewel tones such as burgundy or navy, as well as everyday neutrals.

With names inspired by Japanese capital and its cool and eclectic culture, the Tokyo Collection includes a spectrum of pinks including the paler Rice Rice Baby as well as cooler shades such as the periwinkle-gray Kanpai OPI!. There are also shades like How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?, a color that will convince you to take on the lime green trend (if you haven’t already, of course), as well as a bright orange shade named Tempura-ture is Rising!. For those of you who like to keep their nails on the darker side, there are also a few shades that are equal parts deep and vivid.


The collection is available in both OPI’s classic nail lacquer for $10.50 each as well as the longer lasting Infinite Shine for $13 a bottle. Be sure to get your favorite shades or the entire collection for an easy, at-home manicure or to take to your nail salon for a little extra pampering.

Now, scroll down to see every shade from The Tokyo Collection below and add them to your nail polish collection below.