Transition To Fall With This Ultra-Cozy, Under-$100 Sheet Set

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It's been said that you spend 30% of your life in bed — so if you haven't given much thought to ways that can make yours more inviting and comfortable, you're not doing yourself any favors. And just as is the case with your clothing, your bed textiles could probably use a bit of rotating with the change of season. As it turns out, the best fall bedding is probably going to be different than what you've been laying on during the warmer months — in terms of material and feel — and switching yours up strategically doesn't just help give you the feeling of fall, but it may even help you sleep better.

Sleep experts say that one cause of better — or worse, for that matter — sleep is your body temperature. And that's where your bedding can make a huge difference. For example, to avoid overheating in the summer, you'll want to opt for fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, like linen or percale for example. Conversely, in cooler months, you may be able to handle more of a tighter weave, or even some synthetic or semi-synthetic (like poly blends).

And luxurious materials materials can make a difference, too. Eco-friendly, natural fabrics — like organic cotton — are free of toxic materials, which some experts say can potentially get in the way of a good night's sleep. Besides that, they're more likely to allow your skin to breathe at night, which you may still desire even when the temperature starts to dip.

If it's natural materials you crave, sateen and bamboo work best in fall and winter because although they're slightly less breathable than more summery fabrics, they're still super soft to the touch. Egyptian cotton works well year-round because of its durability, high thread count and fine yarn and cotton flannel can give you added warmth and a more plush feel.

Other things to consider when you're making over your bed for the season include textures and color. If you like keeping your sheets crisp and white add a coverlet, quilt, or throw blanket in an autumnal hue, like golden yellow or cinnamon red. The addition of velvet or faux fur can also instantly give your bedroom a cozier vibe. For a few more ideas on how to transition your bedding into fall — whether via look, feel, or both — see ahead.

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